Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!

Pre-ordered the beta and signed up for the alpha.

Can't wait!

Signed. I know that there were a lot of questions about waiting, but will it be hours, days, weeks? I am impatient and I hope that I will be able to test Sandstorm if of course it will be given to me. After the tests, you will be able to write different comments here in the forum about the game?
If there are any suggestions, there will be a chance at 0.001% that they will be taken into account? I apologize for asking so many questions but I have waited a long time for the chance to test because I did not get to the first tests. And have any comments from previous tests been taken into account and found in the game?
Greetings to all and all of New World Interactive 🙂

wondering when they gonna start to send the keys for this, i pre ordered the day it was able to be...????

@precherman said in Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!:

wondering when they gonna start to send the keys for this, i pre ordered the day it was able to be...????

Not everyone will get tested, so when you buy a pre-order, it probably does not affect it. There is a good chance that I will not get it, but I bought it immediately after starting the pre-order, I did not get the first tests, but I believe that I get to these because I was very persistent, I wish happiness: D

I hope I'm invited so I can make some feature suggestions. Signed up as fast a s I could.

Just signed up and hopefully i get to try it! I already pre-ordered but i would love to try the alpha before the beta

Hopefully I can try Insurgency can't wait until release!

Any confirmation of when it will be, and is this under an NDA? Can we share footage?

Signed up, Really wanna get in 🙂 September cannot come soon enough.

Ladies and Gents, It's time...

Super stoked for this, let's hope we can all make it !
I'd like to try this so bad 😮

Can't wait to test out every little bit.

Signed up. Wont have much time but I really want to help in improving this great game.

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@gordonboss yes i was not implying that if i pre ordered it meant i would get in, i pre ordered the day it opened up for pre order on steam, was just saying hope to be able to try early but i know i will be able to play in end of aug-sep!!!!

@telecaster4563 yes if u read the post for the alpha sign up it is under heavy NDA..

ive also signed up..only got the first insurgency about 3 weeks ago and love it. hoping to get into the alpha and do some testing !

Signed! I'm soooo upset on my self I found insurgency just now. This is the game i was looking for after cod, bf, r6, went wrong way. I will be pleased to be a part of this great community and give my feedback for improvements, this game already looks awesome. Fingers crossed!