Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!

Signed up and played the first insurgency and it was awesome. The devs actually listened to us players for once and does somebody know when the alpha is going to be?

No! Cannot register. Instead of using the liunk inside the registration page, I opened a new tab to register on the forum. Now I get the warning message :You are not a forum member. Please register on the forum, when i click I log on my account, but I can't confirm 'Register now'. : 😓 😱 😥

Finally worked!!! ☺ Cannot use autofill on the email address. It does not open the form when using autofill. I had to manually enter email address for it to register.
:hand_with_index_and_middle_fingers_crossed: :hand_with_index_and_middle_fingers_crossed: :hand_with_index_and_middle_fingers_crossed:

Let's do this! Very excited to try out this new platform!

Just signed up!! hope i get in!!!

@70mahawk You say that you would like to "learn the way" if you have no prior knowledge or experience I don't think getting a job is the best idea. Maybe try learning the skills first, there are plenty of online resources as well as schools that will help you accomplish it.

@asephartanto Could you give me information about the browser you're using, the language of your browser by private message?

@zeke1122 Please make sure you are signing up using the same email address you used here. It's possible that there is a typo in your email here, so double-check that.

Wonder how "high" my chances are with only a Tier 3 GPU. However i hope i get the chance to play it. I had Insurgency for years and for some reason i just recently started getting into it and play it more frequently. I'm really hyped for the new game already.

Just signed up. Hope I can get in and try as an original Insurgency player!

Oh my. They're looking for 10 times the number of players they had for the previous closed alpha this time round, according to one of the Devs on the NWI Community Discord. Hope it will be during hours I can play and not be too busy with Uni work. Regardless, I hope to see you all there! 🤗

Lets go!

Just added a profile and
Insurgency:Sandstorm Alpha sign-up.

Got time.

Very Hyped! ....waiting 😉 think we get here the Best FPSshooter ever made.. 👍 👍 👍

signed up hope I get to test c:

im actually on a holiday so i got many times to test. no kiddings

Everyone must admit that waiting is the worst thing in the world 😃

Game looks great, can't wait for the release!