@riskywisky so i went an tried clicking on that link.. takes me to a tunnel model.. so yea i think its probably been taken down from turbosquid or the links broken.. cheers for letting forces know though! 🙂

@RiskyWisky turbosquid took down all my GM models, if you are interested in it pm, also check my library by clicking the image in my signature

I might enter a hiatus if the issues with power persist in my country
So far the last upcoming models are
@SmarOneNine Blazer
@RCBuzz Land Rover specter
@Justcallmesurge Toyota lc75 fj40

The constant power blackouts have been delaying more and more every release
But like I always say i may be offline but never if modding

@forces hi, i got backed up and haven't been able to send the animal's to you. i'm going to send them , knowing that you are having these issues. what is the best way to get them to you, given your current circumstances? i put the files in a zip folder. (it is 37MB).. stay safe down there! __Rufus

My email, I can download them as soon I get power and internet

@forces Never in a hurry for anything man , I know about all the shit you have to deal with over there.....So take care of you first.

@ Forces,
I just tried to buy a few of your TurboSquid models but the F100 got declined for some sort of licensing issue, Any idea what I need to do be able to buy it?

@JustaFordGuy Weird, Ford gave me the license certificate when they aproved it,im sending you via email the New model the HighBoy wich uses the same model, but its S.o.a converted, in case you dont recieve the model im taking it down and putting it into re aproval in case Ford has new rules about their models

Edit: turbo notified me the sell of 2 models but no issues about any of them... in any case let me know via PM if you dont get the F100 model

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lots of work today, I had power almost all morning and decided to get to work!
1998 Blazer S10 ZR2

0_1554413662720_20190404113624_1.jpg0_1554413811819_20190404113437_1.jpg0_1554414925478_20190404114017_1.jpg0_1554415487438_20190404114738_1.jpg0_1554415716958_20190404113826_1.jpg 0_1554415887812_20190404113803_1.jpg

Looking good, my dude! That color choice though... Yikes... lol

Love it Man.....Force19mods Orange!

@smaronenine said in Force19Mods:

Love it Man.....Force19mods Orange!

Orange? O.o
Looks a bit more of a tan to me, maybe just because of the specular...

@forces love the color and damn that flex though! 😃

You remember the Jimmy From the old game, well its a re-work of it, but with the actual car (right year and model) from @SmarOneNine and some ideas from him and mine , the past one was leafs in both axles and had a really smooth Ride and nice Flex, this is 4Link parallel with the old feeling of ride and more flex plus better balance at top speed and same old 33s (both had BFG tires) and kinda the same style of addons (Spare, rocksliders and Bushguard) now adding a RoofRack and antenna

LC75 For surge its on the editor Now!

@forces sweet! and hell yea i cant wait for the troopy!

Dang that little Blazer turned out nice.

3 Doritos After ...
Note: That LC its almost 3m tall with the roof rack and that ford is cool af lol
0_1554556432850_20190405170447_1.jpg 0_1554556523360_20190405170451_1.jpg 0_1554556628044_20190405170502_1.jpg 0_1554556775885_20190405170514_1.jpg

@forces lol the body roll on the LC is gonna be insane!

Not really a Ford guy, but the patina on that F100 looks fantastic! LC looks beast as well, and I'm obviously a fan of the BeeLazer! Excellent work!

And the ZR2 Got a Paint Job wider Tires 😉


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i was bored yesterday, didnt had internet... so i started working my Fj40 ... 1 hour later almost done with the body,frame,undercarriage and basic stuff
3_1554643509573_Imagen4.jpg 2_1554643509571_Imagen3.jpg 1_1554643509570_Imagen2.jpg 0_1554643509568_Imagen1.jpg

this is mostly a personal truck and turbo model, i might do some other models with it like a dinatrac axle, those axles look really good

edit: BROKE 1000 LIKES! thanks guys

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