@tattoo not sure if this will help. personally i've given up on 'graphic enhancers'. i either don't see much of a difference, or i'll start getting crashes.
hope this helps..

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Thanks guys. I didn't know I needed different shader files. I'm done with it now. Tired of messing with it as I don't play much anyway.

@rufus yup I have that one paired with reshade
@Tattoo it was fairly easy, this morning I decided to reinstall spinmod with the anti bus turned off lol, when I tried before it kept popping a warning, but on my laptop it didn't
A scan after the installation showed no virus alerts
To get it to work you need to select a custom ini file, choose the adega ini and install the adega sharp textures files via the config XML (like we used to do with your custom gearboxes)
So far the main issue for me is that my gfx car only has 1gb of vram so playing at 1080p it's forbidden with this game, I use with reshade the 1633*768 full screen (fun fact that's my laptop resolution) and i do 27 to 50fps (msi afterburner data) still my gpu usage is 100% and cpu is 50%

@forces said in Force19Mods:

@Tattoo reinstall spinmod with the anti bus turned off

Never heard of that.

@forces said in Force19Mods:

To get it to work you need to select a custom ini file, choose the adega ini and install the adega sharp textures files via the config XML (like we used to do with your custom gearboxes)

Where do I find this adega.ini? Do I have to download other files like rufus and nokadota said? I did the little reshade tut and it said to create a new file. I created a tat1.ini but it didn't work so not. I tried the reshade alone before this and it worked but not with stmod. But there were other files that stmod doesn't have.

So I DO have to install other files, right?


Ive tried to get reshade to work, but no work.

@Tattoo I will PM you if i get it to work to try to help ya man.

@riskywisky, Thanks, I appreciate it.

@Tattoo it as a miss key, its anti virus and i dont get the home key menu eiter, but the shaders of the game did change when i use the .ini in the Reshade folder in the spinmod install folders
to install the extra features you have to reinstall it
fj 40 detailed engine wip, i still miss the cables but so far so good

More Screens of reshade
1_1556022072012_20190421135207_1.jpg 0_1556022072008_20190421135212_1.jpg

I added this to the Useful Links Under the tools sections
How To Use Reshade With Mud Runner
Reshade Web page

you can also load the ini files with the stock reshade

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Finally chose a name for my map , new logo made for it aswell - Slipknot Creek

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FInally The third member of F19 starts posting LOL, awesome work man, and im loving that bridge

@forces haha yea , and finally found out how to post pictures. cheers mate

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engine stuff, not like irl, so i wouldnt switch it on lol, but it looks more populated now

Nice engine compartment, very detailed. That FJ is turning out awesome.

Hey guys , So in Venezuela at the moment they are having a bit of a crisis , and as you guys know that's where @Forces is located. he told me to let everyone know that a few days back they said that there was to be at least 10 days of power-outage. And pretty much a civil war is going on right now. Send the best of wishes or prayers to @Forces and his family. cheers


I hope all is well with you and your family during this crisis your country is going through. Many prayers and positive thoughts go out to you my friend. Stay safe.

hey guys how its goin all?
@JustaFordGuy thanks man, i've been working allot on it to get it as real as posible

updates, yeah stuff is really bad on venezuela since yesterday, there have been fire exchange from both sides and now parts of the army are with the liberation team, i've been out since friday becasue of the constanty power cuts on my state, but im always with my phone charge and reporting to you guys via email,discord,whatsapp and steam, thanks for messages guys and soon all will be over

@rufus said:
hi forces, great post.. i must ask how did you acquire the knowledge for the whole MR modding, coding processes? do you have training in the workings of modeling/gaming? I try and try, and as an older (50) guy, with very little computer usage, i just can't get anything to progress past opening the program for editing or modification of models. after that a brick wall goes up. If i'm not mistaken you are a younger guy, is the knowledge of computer workings being included in the younger generation's education? these questions are for all of the great modders in our community. all in all i'm super impressed by your abilities, as well as the great work being put out by all the other modders..

i've been in the game since 2015 tweaking and learning how stuff worked back then, even on tech demo versions, i train everyday or when i can, with modeling and texturing, most of the time i spent on the pc is working lol, i dont play that many games lol, mostly minecraft,terratech and mud runner
yeah im 21 right, not really i got my first pc at the age of 14 and i had no interest in it till i was around 2014 when i had to start coding stuff for school, i study electronics (analog and digital) and in school in the digital side everything was with computers and that got me hooked in the pc world for some time, then i found about mud runner in mid 2014 (i was a fan of 4x4 evo 2 and wanted something better) and in 2015 my brother got it for his pc and i started playing everytime he came to the house with his laptop wich he later gave to me, in 2015 i started playing the game and tweaking then making mods and im the kind of person that always digs deeper into stuff each time more and thats how know most of the things in mud runner, yeah i found brickwall before but always keep on trying and never mind asking to others or making posts to catch a answer

After all the stuff I've seen on the news in the last few days I've really been worried about you and your family. Please stay safe my friend.

hey people thanks for the messages again, i wanted to update you all, so far so good, things are going nuts in the capital, in my state and city Valencia, stuff seems to be getting calm today, but yesterday was like that
i had no power most of the day yesterday and just today im getting most of the news, i stayed up all night working on models to free some pressure and started some new projects and finished some other projects

2_1556865854800_20190503075041_1.jpg 1_1556865854799_20190503075026_1.jpg 0_1556865854798_20190503075002_1.jpg

i dont have any updates from the FJ im working on or the Burban because i havent felt like working much on them, so far the engine of the FJ its complete and next im doing the drive train (axles,suspension and eye candy)

i will be making also some random models for future builds

  • Dinatrac axle
  • new tires
  • improve the Ford Y engine i made a while ago

big thank you to forces! (other than the cows,) he has converted some ideas i had into models. can't wait for all of these crazy ideas to pull together for my map, by the time i stop messing with it it'll be something like ver. 2056.0.1. Again big thanks to the ModGod.. Rufus0_1556888935322_farm.JPG