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going out of comfort zone and building a rock crawler... based on the first photo.

Sup guys.

Heres my first attempt at making the game look better. I will be trying to fix and make the textures more realistic.

Download --->0_1555822022034_DayTimes Fix.zip

General Photos:




No photo edits at all. Raw image here.

What have you done to that xj bro

@terminatorx58 that 'thing' is a cherokee. some dude on steam gave me the model so why not. Most likely not releasing it.

@8up-local thanks man.


Now using the reshade, and to be honest it looks really nice.

I never said ‘thing’, I said XJ which is a JEEP CHEROKEE use your google. Also the reshades look okay. But the JEEP CHEROKEE XJ, yeah don’t like that.

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Im just joking with saying 'thing' man, not trying to be rude.

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Sup guys, im back after taking a major brake from my pc and focusing on school.

Hey guys, I've been mainly absent from modding and doing mods recently. For the most part, I am back, and I'll be working on mods for spintires once again. I have created a Patreon to help support me. By joining my Patreon, you can help me achive my dream goal of making professional 3D models and sharing them with the world. The money collected from my Patreon isn't waisted, it is all used for purchasing high end equipment to make videos and mods, and for program fees. Members of my Patreon get exclusive access to mods and 3D models that are not yet released, and get to help and criticize my works before they are released. If you will, please join me on this journey.

Heres my Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/riskywisky





Just a little somethin' I started working on this morning.

I will be putting bigger tires on soon.

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Some more shots with beefy wheels, and a different paint job. Again, please remember that this truck is in early stages of development.

And, if you are a member of my patreon, you get special access to all of my early beta trucks!