MudRunner - Community Update 27/02/19

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@8up-local Have you seen the update on Oovee forums about the future of spintires? have a look:

I'm curious about what's gonna happen next to Spintires. It'd be awesome to have both games coexisting and up to date.

Lol, what the hell is that now? They're gonna take up Spintires again? I guess that explains the game title changes on Steam? "I'm sorry", Oovee, but I'm kinda over you at this point. I don't care about your excuses two years later. Also, I know that Pavel the man is "controversial", but I feel like he's the driving force behind all this. I'm not sure that I would like a Spintires made by someone else.

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Completely off topic, but has anyone else noticed that the F-150 has no front driveshaft? how does power get to those wheels? Osmosis? It's a bit disconcerting.

Yeah, a number of vehicles have missing components at the bottom. I haven't actually noticed the one on the F-150 but I've certainly heard of it. The Bison is missing front suspension (this one is quite obvious) and the WS is missing front driveshafts too.

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@deathcoreboy1 SCS has a much bigger player base than this game and has been around a bit longer, which makes a big difference. this game and community has grown a lot, but it is still within a small niche.

I don't really understand what the big fuss is about SCS games. The physics in their truck simulators are terrible (trucks handle like they are on rails). But maybe their approach to the community is the correct one, with plenty of info & updates coming.

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@unster there is more to it than just updating and info. although that stuff always helps. i believe the biggest thing with SCS is the online MP. something about being in a game lobby with possibly a couple thousand others. i play ats and can say it can be quite boring at times, but there is still something i like about it which keeps it in my library. lol

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I actually think ATS and MR are perfect compliments.
ATS everything is clean and new looking, trucks handle well on the road, have detailed cockpits and working mirrors, proper engine and gearbox modeling. Driving is relaxing.
MR everything's dirty and beaten up looking, trucks handle well off road but are hopeless over about 20 mph, cockpits, engine and gearbox are rubbish. The trucks have smoke! The driving is more challenging.
Both fun in their own way...

@unster Yeah, physics suck but there is no other games like it around so I have to stick to it. There is this "On The Road" from a german developer but it's not quite polished yet. It's quite promessing tho.
I remember back in the day (around 2001) there was a game called "Hard Truck 2 - King Of The Road" made by a Russian Developer named SoftLab-NSK which considering the timeframe, had awsome physics and mechanics. SCS started a bit later and their games sucked compared to it, but they kept pushing and pushing till they succeded while SoftLab-NSK didn't release a game till 2009 (Rig n' Roll) which was pretty bad. It had some interesting features which are missing till today from SCS games tho.
So, no more truck simulators from russian developers till today. That's why SCS is succeeding as of now.


Can you confirm if Mudrunner 2 will release on Nintendo switch and will it be at the same time as the other versions? Might seem like an obvious question, but I am just curious as I would prioritize the switch version due to it's portability, but I plan to get all versions eventually.

@switchrunner No, I can't.
And that is for several reasons.

  • MR2 official announcement haven't happened yet.
  • I am not FOCUS staff, neither Pavel or anybody from his gang, so I know exactly what you do - there will be MR2. Likely. 🙂

Thanks for the reply, I guess all will be revealed in April. It's gonna be a long wait, but there's plenty to play to keep my mind off it. Keep up the great work!

@deathcoreboy1 @Mudder
To me the perfect complements are MR & BeamNG, the only driving games I play. MR is a near perfect off-road simulator, while BeamNG has the most accurate physics & damage modelling of any driving game, and is particularly good as a dry terrain driving simulator, including when it comes to big rigs. It has mud and water too, but the visuals are not there yet like in MR. And it's an early access game so the game content is light, but for vehicle physics it is the bar for all other games if you ask me.

@unster Yes, BeamNG.Drive has such a good driving feel! There is an option to lock the camera to the horizon that I love so much! The roads have bumps and the suspension reacts pretty well to it. It lacks purpose though. As much as I like to drive in it, I get bored of just driving without an implemented game mechanic of doing missions or transport loads, earning money and spend it configuring the truck/car etc. This is why I end up playing ATS/ETS2 most of the time. Also, BeamNG does not have many good quality trucks to play around with.

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@deathcoreboy1 Yup, for now BeamNG is just a sandbox game. At least you can play scenarios or set up your own with the AI options. But yes, it lacks a real purpose. Career mode is being worked on though. ATS with BeamNG physics would probably be perfect. Likewise, BeamNG with MR terrain visuals and MR type missions would be perfect. Or MR with BeamNG's detailed cockpits, dry road physics and gearboxes would be perfect. That's why I play both games.

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@unster hahahah would be awesome if we could somehow "merge" the three of them!!

@unster the wheel tracks, SSAO effects etc. were all in the first release of the original Spintires game. They mysteriously disappeared after some updates around the time Pavel defected, and then those features made their way into Spintires Mudrunner and were pitched as new features. In reality Spintires Mudrunner is the same game as the first original Spintires release. So in my opinion those key features were removed to devalue the original game so as to get the community to buy Spintires Mudrunner.

And now the mysterious scrubbing out of Spintires in association with Mudrunner, from everything; marketing materials, forum posts, changed URL changed, Twitter handle changed.

Why would somebody do that if they weren’t passing off?

Sounds like they took the original Spintires Mud and did a Runner!

If that’s the case they may be in a lot of trouble here and Oovee Game Studios could possibly even take Mudrunner down.

@mikhail-ivanov if anything were to happen it would already have happened

@zamal @Mikhail-Ivanov Exactly. Focus has to have some sort of licensing to work and publish Mudrunner. I don't see them taking mudrunner down. They could open a case as far as this "removed features" go, but this only will result in a long process without benefits for any of the parts. Of course, there could be more to it that we do not see.

I also doubt Oovee can do much about this, and if they could, they would have already. Their best choice would be to dust off ST and make it competitive with MR and distinct enough to make it worth buying, assuming they have the technical expertise.

mudrunner cutting ties with spintires is good and has to happen, only makes sense to me really. oovee owns the rights to the spintires name and game. as long as spintires is in the name of mudrunner then oovee gets a royalty. also this would finalize the separation of the two and with MR2 we should be getting a totally new built game.

gameplay and features are just that, types of gameplay and features. look at how many games have the same features and gameplay as say minecraft, H1Z1, or any other survival type game where you can build craft and fight for your survival? bit of a stretch i know, but still they are generally the same in gameplay and features. just this time you must also add they are the same game created by the same person, just one is updated to the current form by a new publisher.

now, the coding if i remember correctly stayed with pavel, not oovee. this was one of the big arguing points for oovee during their "problem". still though either way they are both game pavel created, so on that point i feel it would be more preference to the player which they want to play and support.

true there have been things taken out of the game since the original and reintroduced as new features. lol i was the first to comment when they did this with the "scavenger" feature. it was in the original and taken out. only now to come back as a "new feature". there have been thing added that truely are new and some i fell will never come back.

the game has a few years under it now when counting both, but the development growth of the game has actually been quite slow imo. basicly the game is a 5 year old infant. MR2 is where i feel it will really grow. mainly due to a better idea of what the community is wanting and better game engine to power what people are demanding from it.

now about oovee. i truly wonder what they are planning to do. they are already behind a rock with the history of what happened and even though there are still diehard fans of spintires still playing to this day and making mods as well. just what is oovee going to do? i feel pavel left them with little to work with and unless they can come up with something then spintires will stay what it is and never grow.

just saying what i honestly feel. mudrunner 2 will take us into the next level of the game while spintires is just going to finally wither away. would be a sad day i feel when that happens, but i can see no other ending for it. if there is to be some sort of competitor to mudrunner, it will be coming from another company, maybe even someone unforeseen. i also feel oovee is only lashing out and getting what they can since they are no longer going to be getting their royalties anymore because of this separation.

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It is wise to wait in making ones opinions until we get actual materials and informations about MR2 and resurrection of ST (??). Currently nothing is knows at all.