[Petition To Remove Sliding or Ability to Turn It OFF!]

I lift OFF sprint key and for some reason I STILL SLID and died from it.



Input lag or happening every time?

yeah, it happens time to time. Wouldn't be bad to get an option to turn if off.

I was just discussing this with a friend who is new to the game and mentioned it to me asking if there was a way to disable it. While I find the feature useful at times, I do think an option to disable it is needed, as it's quite situational and in most cases you can simply keep sprinting to cover or wherever you wanted to slide to. Another thing, in hardcore it is significantly less useful as you travel less in a slide than in casual play. Hopefully this is noticed and implemented, I feel like there are many more who would feel this way about it.

@Pacalis everytime. But it's a very short time period where it happens

@CatNipples one of the most hated insurgency 'features', around since 2014. And now even worse since patch 1.2.

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Hello all,

Thanks for pointing this out! @CatNipples Thanks for the clip. I'll pass it on to the team.

this really cracks me up - I don´t even know how to slide 😂


Sprint - > o shit enemy! -> Crouch cos sway/recoil is so bad standing - > suislide (unable to reach trigger for some unknown reason) - > die

Endless tilting fun!

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@gprologitech so why are ppl doing this all the time then?

In general you are right , the games difficulty is so high on custom servers with high bot counts that you better just walk most of the time ( in ready to fire position ) to have a good chance to react on enemy encounters.
But there are situations where you have to move quickly from cover to cover ( for example : cross a street or a an open area where you don´t have any hard cover to be safe behind )

I think it would be a good thing to just be able to hipfire while you are sliding ( just like in the older game GRAW : Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter )
That was an awsome feature to slide and being able to kill 1 or 2 enemies during that slide in full auto fire ( it mostly cost you a full magazine but at least it worked very well in close distances ).

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just give ability to slide and shoot then issue is gone lol

Keep the slide please, its not even that good but it feels cool sooo... 🙂