What has been revealed March 6

Everything below this sentence is information from the official trailer.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is the first video game adaptation of the Games Workshop tabletop game, with a unique setting and perspective on the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The turn-based tactical gameplay pits you against rival gangs in brutal gunfights, taking place in huge, vertical environments. Command one of Necromunda’s iconic gangs, embracing anarchy, violence and death in an endless war for control to dominate this hellish place.

Every fighter is highly customizable in loadout and appearance, and has access to a career that unlocks further skills, traits, weapons, and visual elements. With each battle won, your gang members grow in power, earning more powerful skills and loot, but beware! Even victories will result in casualties - deaths and injuries are permanent, and you’ll need to live with the consequences of every battle.

For an even deeper challenge, Conquest Mode offers an endless campaign featuring 4X mechanics between the turn-based battles. Fight over key territory to take complete control and prove your gang is the most fearsome on Necromunda! Then bring your unique gangs online, challenging other players in competitive multiplayer, and claim the Underhive for yourself!

So territory control is going to be a feature, or rather a campaign option.

And the classes sound like they will be more developed.

For now, things are very promising, but i would rather wait for now. I really want to know how they will adress classes, since in the new Tabletop they are nice, but pretty "generic". I hope they go the Mordheim route making different types of champions/henchmen.

Still, the Trailer looks damn nice to be honest.

@glarghface We have an additional layer on top of what's in the tabletop game. So, there's the gang (ex. Escher or Goliath) and then each fighter has a career (ex. Deadeye, who can use an armpoon or Saboteur, who can sabotage elements in the environment).

Good to know. Classes are a bit limited in the Tabletop, glad there's going to be a greater variety.

Saboteur being capable of sabotaging things in the environment sound promising as well.

Will it be possible to organize a campaign with your friends, a la Blood Bowl videogame leagues?
I'm ok with multiplayer online with random people, but Necromunda really shines when you organize a campaign with many different players, each one running a gang with ita members gaining skills, getting injuries, acquiring equipment... It really creates a story on its own.
Our campaigns even included unofficial bounties for particularly notorious gangers (The Mutant was this guy who ran three times his movement AND shot his flamethrower), and it was a lot of fun.

Also, will 2v2 or 3v3 games be possible?

@guileus We're not quite at the stage yet to be talking about these parts of the game... But later on, when we are, we'll definitely go into more detail about it!

Does that mean you're still weighing ideas? I understand that the vast minority of forum posters have anything in the way of programming experience, but I would like to ask if the team has thought about anything we'd discussed?

Personally I'd like to hear more about Conquest mode, I'd been hoping that there would end up being a more strategic element to the campaign itself and that sounds promising. You know stuff like how it will work, are enemy gangs randomly generated per mission, what kind of mission options there will be, etc.

@detortor It means that as we progress through development, we test and tweak and make changes. This is mainly the reason why we keep saying something can't be talked about, because we don't want to say Thing X will be in the game, and then later on it turns out to be Thing Y.

I understand that. I've followed developing games before. Some people have misinterpreted planned features as absolute promises and react poorly if they don't pan out. I don't expect you guys to build entirely new features based off a forum post, but I was wondering if our discussions have any influence when you guys are weighing your options?

And of course like any game addict getting a taste of information leaves me wanting to know more.

@detortor Oh for sure! I may not be commenting in every thread, but I'm keeping an eye on everything and highlighting different posts to the team. ☺

Good to know, I and some of the others I talked with were a little concerned about that part.

On that note, are you able to say when you'll be able to go into greater detail or what is on table currently?

@detortor Unfortunately not at the moment, but we do want to keep the lines of communication open and we'll definitely say more when we can!

Plus the fact that the Focus community managers make those awesome longer announcement posts when there's more juicy pieces of content to share.

Thanks for the reply. I understand there are a lot of factors involved in the making of the game but knowing you guys at least want to hear what we fans say is very heartening. Hope we eventually get that multiplayer campaign mode. ☺

To add to the proposals, it would be cool to have a map editor too.

I saw that the team had been working closely with Games Workshop while they were developing the new tabletop game, are you still working with the GW team, and have you had a chance to play the tabletop game yet?

@guileus Map editor is not something we have planned for now.

@twenytpence Yup, we continue to work closely with the folks over at Games Workshop, and they even sent us a copy of the tabletop box to Rogue Factor HQ. I actually have a box at home as well, but I will admit that I haven't played it just yet because we're still painting everything (finishing the scenery this week!).

@detortor said in What has been revealed March 6:

deaths and injuries are permanent, and you’ll need to live with the consequences of every battle.

Reading this.. a tactical RPG with consequences, in a W40K enviorment and ruleset. Finally humanity is comming around! Im officially about to wet myself! 😃

I also hope they spice it up with permanent injuries and we get the "positive injuries" that were in the old Necromunda (Fearsome, Terrifying and Valiant scars).

As well, i wonder if we can salvage injuried individuals with Bionics