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Panning around I did spot one, but those hills in the middle look ideal for a nice flowing river don't they! Some of the terrain is a bit "sharp" in height. Was also worried if it was too tall it'd end up being flat, and I don't use the SpintiresMod to increase the height limits and whatever else it does.

I'd wish I'd tried this sooner, I found that video of yours and thought OK I'll try again, how hard can it be etc..

Wonder what the Grand Canyon would be like..

Edit: Saved the height map in 4K resolution, looks a lot better IMO
alt text)

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Due to a few hiccups and backups not.. well "backupping" I have started from scratch.

Working on something rather large, and tall. There will be many of these. I'm using the 256 Max Height using SpintiresMod, image shown is not the max of 256, so I can go a fair bit higher yet. Just heighting and flattening over and over takes time to get it right. Anyways.. I am far away in this image, so it's about perspective here. It's TALL.

alt text

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I gotta try this height map stuff again

Mountain map was scrapped, I just didn't know which direction to take, and it looked so boring once I was working on it.

Doing a map similar to Nix's Canyon now, and determined to stick with it.

Kind of unrelated, but notice the grass in that last screenshot is flattened even in the middle where the tires weren't touching? Read somewhere that it was caused by something relevant to the overall terrain height I think... Immersion breaking nonetheless...

Yeah I noticed that, It might be due to the fact the Grass is set to 4000 per block and not 1200 as the original value. it SHOULD be just under the tyres, but as more grass is flattened, it might take that into "lumps" and flatten though as opposed to smaller grass selection.

I'm going to be taken a break from modding Spintires, while I work an an Unreal Engine 4 project.

I did plan to knock up 9 small rocks to replace the 3 in "Plants" with those horrible flat textures, so I will do those soon today and edit this once done.

OK Unreal Engine is being a pain, so on hold for the time being.. Back to Mudrunner modding.

Anyway, rock 1 of 9 done.

alt text

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OK all finished, textures may need darkening a little but they're good enough for me, and if they were under a shade even better.

Just 6 and not nine now. 3 stone and 3 moss.

Edit: Suppose a download link would help:

Just drop the 3 folder In Media, into your Mudrunner Editor Media folder.

May take a few seconds to load up the Models the first time.

alt text

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@digital-x, Looks good man but am getting an error from smallrockB. Check the cdt and reset xform on it. That should fix it.

@digital-x thank you for the use of your models! why so adamant about staying off M/R mods? should I not be using it for acquiring content?
last thing the screenshots from May 17... Incredible is the closest word i come up with! the area that it captured is out of sight! hope you release it.. Rufus

@rufus has become quite notorious around here for poaching mods. is there for ppl who have cracked version of the game I for one don't use that site. Now we have map support so theres no need for 3rd party sites except

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I was close to filing a DMCA on Mudrunnermods tbh, someone took my Swamp Trails map with MY custom objects off the Workshop and uploaded it, I ain't touching that place with a barge pole. Yes I did specify (maybe too late) not to upload etc.

@Tattoo Will check and replace it now, all the others load fine yeah?


Just the smallrockb.x let me know if that works, I loaded into the Models fine, no errors.

Xform has been Reset, saved and re-exported.

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i didn't mean to go off topic Digital, however thank you for clarifying. Rufus

It's OK no problem. Hope that new rock b work now.

In the midst of making a logging map, my very first. It's not totally realistic but it will test your skill using the larger trucks on uneven ground, right from the start.

@joridiculous u just on the forums waiting to be ignorant my god dude. Sorry digital X! This is the last time I post or try to talk to ppl.

@mr-lahey420 said in Digital X's Workbench.: is there for ppl who have cracked version of the game I for one don't use that site. Now we have map support so theres no need for 3rd party sites except

I'm curious. You say is for cracked versions of the game but you're ok with doing the same thing? I don't get it. Why is it ok for .nl to do it but not others?

Talking about stealing peoples mods, Hazzard took my gearboxes off these forums and posted them on without asking and without my permission. So how is that any different than what they do on And Hein did the same thing from the Oovee forums in spintires.

edit; Personally, I don't care. That just means more downloads from more people and more people using my mods. But for you to defend one while criticizing the others don't make any sense at all.

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