Where is the Gamescom video and coverage?

Well and truly over and not one shred of video footage. How can you sell a product in October and show the buying public no video? We're all hanging for some news here..

Yes, some ganeplay vids would be nice.

Just watch some SpinTires YT vids. I do believe, gameplay hasn't changed so much 😉

I'd like to see how it looks and runs on PS4 though..

Community Manager

Hi, journalists have had a presentation of the game and previews should start flowing soon on various website.

We also have more videos planned, including detailed gameplay footage.

Have a nice day!

Community Moderator - Spintires

Don't want to be a nit-picker, but please, very pretty PLEASE, don't use word "SOON"... 😃

We've heard that one too much . I can't wait to see some more previews

Yes, dont pull the wool over our eyes 😉 (joke, you are not oovee, i hope..)
I want to see in details what has been changed compared to spintires, what are the plans for the future. Someone remembers the dynamic weather promised in 2014? I'm still waiting!

Community Manager

We'll relay press articles on social networks as soon as they're published, but, as you can expect, we have no control over the timing of publication. We're waiting for the reviews as well 🙂

Community Moderator - Spintires

Don't be surprised!
Nobody is angry (so far (hopefully)), but, to be honest, you've got two things in here:

  1. Group of enthusiast
  2. Lack of informations

Gameplay footage will be awsome, lets show us!
Personally can't wait to see actual content! Trailer is nice, but more like Cobra 11 opening, than presentation of what I've bought...

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