64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!

I wish they would make it 64 bit..but I just dont think it going to happen..way too much work for FOCUS

So in short if you Play Mudrunner on Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo you will have 64 bit but the game is about as exciting as watching Chimpanzee's Masturbate on the Discovery Channel because there are No Mods and will probably never have mods because the Devs like to make Excuses and say they are looking into it LOL! , So your other option is to jump over on the PC's 32 bit Master Race Monster and keep waiting for updates to break the game each time, But hey at least we have Mods! lol

i am still wondering why is this not a sticky?

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@8up-local Hey there,

This isn't stickied because it's been passed on to the dev team.

@iyagovos that's good news, let's hope the dev "team" actually listens to you 😁

@8up-local said in 64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!:

i am still wondering why is this not a sticky?

its also quite annoying seeing this topic is in many threads. They have acknoledged and thats that. no need to continue to complain.

@architectwilliam ? who is complaining? never realized that asking a question was a complaint. my mistake.â˜č


in general not just you.

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