Weekly Challenge.

I'm thinking about trying to make a map series. It takes me and any other good map maker a couple months to put out a good new map. I would like to make a series of 10 or so maps with one trail with a small themed concept. Each trail map having it's own theme.

How many people would like that?

sounds awesome to me, but getting the time is my only problem.

so kinda like the voto challenge thing he did back in the day with spintires? well, his wasn't a challenge really persay. i always thought of those as quick play maps to go with his library of stuff he had made, but i always thought those were a pretty cool idea. hopefully enough people will be interested for this.

I would love it. But in my opinion the trails can be near to impossible because its only one trail and it would be fun if it takes a couple of hours to complete 🙂

Hope you dont mind Roughrider...off on a slight tangent....
I was thinking a couple of days ago that maybe map makers could start making 512x512 reference maps. Then upload for others to combine into new maps.
Say if four map makers made one 512x512 reference map each, then upload to a specially created semi public google drive.
A "fellow" map maker could quite quickly combine the 4 references together to make a map with each corner of the map having vastly different characteristics/styles.
And because the amazing editor (imho) allows it.... blending the edges of the references is quite easy.
Also references can be rotated individually at any angle which again would dramatically change the maps gameplay.
The roads would NOT necessarily line up with the next reference map, but thats pretty much what makes this game fun.
(Adding references in the editor also then has the options of:- not changing the heightmap and/or the materials.)
The more map makers that contributed would allow a huge combination of varied maps that could be made quite quickly.

Also for the map maker....making a 512x512 maps is quicker, testing is less repetitive. Adding other peoples references to your own map makes testing more fun because you could add someone else's ref map whilst testing your own section of the map.
If you added someone else's reference map into your map that you thought was a bit rubbish, just remove and download the next one. No biggie.


@leef I'm not sure how the whole reference thing works myself I've never really tried to learn what your talking about but it sounds interesting , I've done some collab work on a map with wrenchinmonkey in the past which is a project we have never got around to finishing hopefully someday , But all we did was pass the pre-build files back and forth (and directory files) with no problems at all it was rather good to get two minds on a build makes building a map a lot easier IMO....And I'm always open to those kinds of projects , Wish i would have took on a second on this damn log map project lol

References suck. Plain and simple. They don't work very well at all, and in my opinion are completely useless. I've been making maps for this game for many years and I've never needed references. Joint projects I would really like. That sounds more like a plan to me honestly.

@RoughRider I like your idea, im always making small maps to test something in particular so this might be a way to share those small creations with people

@leef how big is 512x512? in smaller scale numbers (20x20?)

@rufus lol how big is big lol, i can hardly make a 12x12 map LOL map making is the real mod making in this game, making trucks its a walk in the park IMO

@roughrider i've tested them, you need to have the same name in the dist. as the ref. you're going to add, yes they can be a bit glitchy if your terrain isnt flat in the needed space for the reference

@forces @rufus that is why i have always said. mod vehicles are awesome, but map making is where it is at. without the mod maps to push and really use those mod vehicles then there is little point to them imo.

@forces ok so 512 x 512 is about half the size of the biggest map you can make (1024 x 1024). @SmarOneNine References are made to be these mini levels inside of a level. It's the reason you see the same section on different maps.

512 x 512 is actually a quarter of 1024 x 1024 but it still makes for a pretty large area to build on and could be an entire map on its own if you have dense trails.

if not using the collaboration method, (which is probably the best idea) taking random submissions and stitching together a full size map, seems to have it's merits too.
the '512 challenge'.. but as it has been said how could we tie it all together?? would all the borders have to: _be at the 20.1 Y axis(or real close to)? to have any chance of tying it all together? _the base materials would have to set at a standard, the daytime settings would have to be pretty uniform, the summer/autumn choice, and so on and so on...
_ If there were a set of guidelines for the borders of the submitted maps, I think it could work. (with the guidelines it makes it a little, a lot tougher creating a submission, Hence the 'Challenge' part of it).
Just a few thoughts, _Rufus

@rufus but that would then be a builders challenge. this is to be a player challenge series. although that does sound like a very interesting idea i must say.

@rufus Sorry man, but that's just plain out not possible.

Hi RoughRider, After reading 8up locals post just above, and then re-reading your original post, i realized that my post earlier was completely irrelevant to your thread topic. Just gonna say sorry for posting in your thread so way off topic. Ill read more carefully in future!

@roughrider said in Weekly Challenge.:

@rufus Sorry man, but that's just plain out not possible.

I Thought It was a lot. --->🤤