being able to throw the first consumable without equiping it

im aiming my weapon and want to quickly throw a grenade (supposedly its hanging from my vest which allows fast access)
being able to throw it without actually taking it out and being vulnerable

example gta v mechanic where you are able to throw a grenade while aiming

You can't really throw a grenade one handed. Or, I suppose, to me more specific: you can't prep a grenade to be thrown with one hand. The actual throwing part is easier two handed but doable with a single hand I suppose.

Either way, you wouldn't really one hand a grenade with a rifle in the other hand in real life. The mechanics are somewhere between impractical and impossible, and either way it's dangerous.

Being able to throw/launch quickly is the advantage of the under-barrel grenade launcher. It's there if you want it, but you have to spend the points to get it.

One hand + taking out splint with mouth would be a cool animation.

I think the current way is fine and I would guess it is intended.

@pacalis said in being able to throw the first consumable without equiping it:

One hand + taking out splint with mouth would be a cool animation.

Try that with a real grenade ... it's a great way to pull a front tooth out. As it turns out, the safety pins on grenades are designed to not come out easily.

While I know realism isn't the focus here, I think that tactical decision making comes into play.

Any time you drop your primary weapon, to get a sidearm or grenade, you need to have a good contingency plan in place.

Usually this means having a teammate with a rifle cover while you deploy your explosives.

So, I can see the benefit of making a bind to pull out and prime an explosive, it should still have a time-action cost where the primary weapon goes down and up.

works fine as it it ... consider that 1 second button press as simplified and shortened procedure of getting the nade, taking out pin, etc .. that shouldnt be instant thing ..

Having a grenade hanging from your vest is a good way to blow yourself up by accident. Readying and throwing a grenade is a two handed process and equipping it simulates that best.

What I would like to see is pulling out your consumable in the order you have listed it in your inventory. If I have an RPG in the first spot and a mine in the second, but it pulls out a mine when I need the RPG RIGHT NOW, well, it's a little irritating that I have to cycle through them when I know what I want.