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Hi. I just bought The game and find out that my wheel is not working. Will Thrustmaster T150 will work after update if its not official supported ? Working fine on PC version.

Wheel support on consoles is on our to-do list for the next update. Cheers!

That's not a clear answer to his question. You just say that wheel support on consoles is on your to-do-list for the next update.

hermanlol, however, is asking if his Thrustmaster T150 will work after the next update, because that particular wheel will be not officially supported.
To extend the question from hermanlol ; I'm using the Fanatec CSW 2.5, will this wheel work after the 'next' update with Spintires Mudrunner on Xbox One? Would be great to have this information before I decide to buy the game. Thank you.

Hi there,

We don't officially plan to extend wheel support outside of the wheels we already support at this time. There's always a chance that your wheel will work, but as we haven't tested it or made profiles for it, we can't give the guarantee that it will.

If additional wheels do get added to what we support, we will update this post, and let you know in the update post where they are announced.

Let me know if you have more questions!

È possibile che dopo 2 mesi dal lancio ancora su console non sia stato rilasciato l'aggiornamento per il supporto dei volanti? Stiamo ancora aspettando dal famoso messaggio che diceva " a breve sarà possibile anche su console ".
Spero non debba passare un anno dal lancio del gioco!

PS4 : In my wish list , will buy as soon as Logitech G29 will be supported on console.


As this wheel is not listed in the supported peripherals above, it is not currently supported in the game.

@iyagovos I noticed in the PS4 listing where it includes Logitech G29 Driving doesn't say (SHIFTER) are we going to be able to clutch & shift on PS4 ?

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@cyfer We don't currently support the driving force shifter on PS4

@iyagovos @CYFER Yes it does, mine works fine....although only for trucks with up to 6 gears. If I want to drive anything higher I switch to auto for highway use.

It would be cool to have a range change and/or splitter. OK, so my shifter doesn't have a switch on the lever but I'd be happy to press a button on the wheel or controller to toggle high/low.

FFB really needs fixing first though. All I get is a fairly strong centering force, even when stationary. When I first connected the wheel I had nothing, which was actually slightly better.

Hey, I dont have a separated shifter for the g29 and when I try to use the integrated shifter it uses the horn, is possible to use it to switch the gears? If yes, how can I configure it?
Using it on the ps4.

So what is the latest? Does it work with G29 on Ps4? Still nothing in game description?

Hi everyone,
I am new to the game, the forum - and: wheels. However: Got Mudrunner for PS4 and Thrustmaster T150 (officially supported), installed MR update 1.03 for wheels but can‘t get the wheel to work. The buttons will work with the PS4 until I am in the game and need to press X (or O) - no reaction there, no steering in the game possible. Does anyone have an idea? Help from some of you experts would be highly appreciated!!!

Have you gone into the options in-game (by using your PS4 controller until you get your wheel configured) and set up your wheel as the primary control device?

I play Spintires with the g29 on the ps 4 but when i steer the steering wheel is very strong. Can i change it ?

Great! That did the trick! I had to press one of the pedals to make the wheel „visible“ in the „controls“ screen. Thanks! 😉

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I play Spintires with the g29 on the ps 4 but when i steer the steering wheel is very strong. Can i change it ?

No mate, you can't ...

I'm on Xbox One with a Fanatec CSW 2.5 wheel and, opposing to your problem, I have very poor FF - almost no resistance at all (having the on-wheel FF setting on 100!).

The wheel update for consoles is just no good. It seems that we have to wait for the next update to get better FF support... (I hope).

How long until I can use my wheel x box 1 for this game? I can even play because I have a stroke and cant use my right hand! Really really WEAK!!

I have the xbox 360 steering wheel. It detects as the xbox 360 controller in the game and does not detect as a controller.

In windows it detects as "wheel".


@stroker Hi there, what wheel is it that you own? You may already be able to use your wheel with MudRunner.

@cleadus_fetus Are you trying to play on Xbox One or PC?

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