updates on the FJ75, lost has been done, even did a new interior following Surges Sisters IRL FJ78 (troop carrier)

also added a dog cage to brings mans best friend out to the trails

fjinterior.jpg fjinterio2r.jpg Imagen1.jpg

more pics comming soon

Doggos make everything better! 😀 🐶 🐕

Man you are so way outside the box when it comes to modeling. Love the rod holders on the front bumper, and the dog cage, super cool.
You're top of the game man, looks good on ya.

@Fatboy @Mexican_420 Of course, the doggo makes everything better! 😃 , replica of my old dog which is pretty cool of @Forces to put in for me

@Forces , That little FJ is really looking awesome.

Guys I saw yesterday on the ebay like market of Venezuela a and rx460 gigabyte windforce dual fan with no power connector, is that a real card? It draws all needed power from the Mobo it's 155$ (I'm 90$ short) so not that I can get it lol but is it real or a scam?

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@Forces There are RX460 out there without power connector so it may be legit. If you drop the exact manufacturer of the card and brand line I might give you more details. Surprisingly, there is no downside to this (other than lower OC capabilities I guess) The RX460 is more like a low-mid tier card, so it's not actually strange that they might not need additional power from the PSU.

Cool, the textures and the detail on the suspension turned out perfect.

Looks fantastic! Impeccable work once again! 😊

Hey guys So Patrols are ready and Now Comming a Durango

Durango2.jpg Durango1.jpg DurangoFront.jpg


the list goes

  • Smars 2001 Durango
  • RCBuzz 1965 International Scout
  • Liams Nissan Patrol QuadCab UTE
    -Zips Builds

@deathcoreboy1 @JustaFordGuy
New HardSurface Modeling Attemp

Imagen1.jpg Imagen2.jpg Imagen3.jpg Imagen4.jpg Imagen5.jpg Imagen6.jpg

p.s Its its Highpoly! and it was done in 1hour

@Forces , Wow, That would take me a month.😁

@JustaFordGuy its easier because i have a solid idea of how to start square body vehicles (60s to 00s) but some proved to be harder than others (the more rounnded) this way of modeling joins the basic meshes and adds the smoothing to them, to make the more rounded sides

p.d i now undertand what my friend was saying when he gave me the apache and jk models and how he made them

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@Forces Congratulations!! it's looking awesome. I'm not using this technique because of the polycount for MR, but the results are amazing. Loopcuts are the key 😉

Cant thank you enough for the car @Forces

20190814155407_1.jpg 20190814161215_1.jpg 20190814122639_1.jpg

I guess my early Bronco would be perfect for this type of modeling, It's shaped like a brick. 😁

Smars 2002 Durango still a long way to be like his lol but much has been done, the pic is from yesterday
20190815100258_1.jpg 20190815100221_1.jpg

Updates on the Ford
went with a 6bt no intercooler (atm) maybe will make it Twin turbo because of LOL
Ford2.jpg Ford1.jpg Ford3.jpg

Updates on the 4Runner, is comming allong Nicely

Updates on the Burban, Still No Engine, most likely going with a cummins too, to stay loyal to the irl Build
suburban2.jpg suburban1.jpg suburban3.jpg

Man I LOVE that F350!!!!!

The Beadlocks on the Burban are cool too.

@Forces Wooooow! That's a nice GMC there! Love it! This wheels size is perfect! For me, bigger wheels are overkill.
Do you have blueprints to model the interior or you just eyeball it? I'm struggling a lot to create interiors. Not for MR but eventually I'd like to mod for ATS and I need to model good interiors there.

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