Player Speed is insane compared to original

The original insurgency had a pacing and tactical nature to it that seems to be replaced by udder chaos in this game, and not just because the servers are awful currently, and people teleport around like the grudge or something. It's a beta and that'll probably be fixed soon, but seriously look at how fast you run. My buddy said it seemed like you hit the 2x time button on this game because everyone runs like Usain Bolt even with their sappies in.

I'm pretty sure a lot of tactics and tension could be brought back to this game if you simply reduced the sprinting speed, being flanked by people who run at 18mph constantly simply causes insane chaos and rushing tactics. People don't seem to slow down when they're eating bullets either, i hit someone with a .308 round from my scar and they keep running full speed when in reality you'd probably be on the ground wondering why all your ribs are broken, and that's if you're wearing a high enough level plate to eat a .308 green or black tip, which if you're a terrorist, you're not lol. Even in first person i notice that if looks more like i'm on a bike than on foot with how insanely fast i'm humping my 45lbs gear up these hills. This game could go a long way toward tactics and progress if the running speed was reduced and taking a bullet at least slowed your road runner hi-jinks. Until then i'll enjoy the road runner vs road runner with assault weapons simulator.

Agreed! I guess they did it because the push maps involve a lot more running now. But that shouldn't be helped with increasing sprint speed. Many times when I see someone running past at medium to long range I give up hope of hitting them before I even start shooting. Sometimes I get lucky but mostly they just get away.

Yup.. The high movement speed in combination with the bad hitreg, high health, weird recoil and lagg makes for a pretty unsatisfying shooting experience.

Have you played Insurgency 2? You can run much quicker with low weight.

I feel like the speed isn’t too far off from the original. Definitely faster, but not as overwhelming as some feel. The question I would raise is do you still feel like the maps would still work for the game if players were slowed significantly? I see larger maps being the drive for a faster movment change. At what point is the balance between getting to the action quickly and walking simulator? Another perspective, speed allows you to cover large open ground, something that is more prevelant then in the first Insurgency. You might feel frustrated watching the enemy push ground from afar but is it more frustrating then feeling it’s impossible to push. With a bullet drop tweak to the main rifles, I see them encouraging other roles for the job rather then anyone without a submachine gun can pick off targets easily from a distance.

I feel like some slight speed tweaking would be nice. However I don’t feel like mid to long range targets are impossible to pick off. It’s a fine line but their close.

Well... is it just me or are the maps simply smaller? I wouldn't say the move speed is too fast, maybe a slight reduction could give you what you desire. I still find myself able to hit someone dashing between cover so I'm not sure.

There was a guy somewhere on this forum, who was suggesting lowering speed while you turn. Seems like a good Idea. Can't find his video-explanation though. Maybe someone has a link?

@haggison the maps are much, much larger than Insurgency2. We need increased run speed for traversing the map to not be tedious, especially if you're taking a side route instead of rushing the point like an idiot.


Since I'm on console I can only go by what I see in gameplay videos, but one if my first thoughts were how fast the player movement seemed. However, I felt much of it was from the transitions or recovery between movements (if that makes sense) like after jumping from a height, climbing through a window, shifting direction, getting up, zig-zagging, the time it takes to run at full sprint from stop (and vice versa), etc. It seemed there was little sense of momentum, shifting of weight, etc.

I think the speed of some of those actions made the overall player movement seem kind of fast.

If player movement is predetermined it would be pretty bad but now everyone can react to error movement by simply stop

@bullyhunter77 It is not the speed itself, if you go back to Ins2 I can tell you it was faster (especially for low weight) than the new game. However, the acceleration is almost infinite (it means you go to full speed almost in an instant) and the effect of the weight is rather low. (If you recall Newton's 2nd law, F=ma, this means that the mass is almost 0 or the force is incredible which makes the players seem like they are floaty). This was actually much slower than Ins2 during the Alpha, but I think NWI had too many complaints that it was "sluggish" and "clunky" and everyone liked it. But I think they have over compensated on the acceleration department, not the speed itself. Including the turning acceleration, which also seem instant, that makes for hilarious strafing and 180 no-scope moments sometimes at the moment. And yes, I think there is a consensus among the beta testers that there should be a slowing down effect when you get hit, which I'm not sure if they already have but not working properly.

As mentioned before, I think giving more time to accelerate to full speed (i.e. make them have more mass) and weight affects the acceleration more, it would feel a little more "meaty" and having more momentum.

trying to shoot people who are sprinting left or right from long range while your ping is variating between 40ms and 100ms is unbearable, it's either a good hit or many misses.

Also there needs to be a delay on prone/crouch/standing so people and ai can't spam dolphin dive, dolphin diving was a problem in bf2 and cod4, bf2 remedied it with a cooldown and also a weapons ready delay.

Sandstorm is slower paced than its predecessor, if it seems faster its due to lag/ping etch. Experiencing teleporting is a sign of just that. Personally I wish the game was as fast as the 1st one as I love the "arcadey" pacing^^

@coptaphant If they did lower movement speed they could adjust the spawn location closer.

As others have said the top running speed is pretty much identical between this game and the last -- the difference is in the speed with which you can change direction.

Here's the video demonstrating how the last game slowed you down when you turned:

Youtube Video


Switching direction while running and walking should be tweaked a bit, to be like Insurgency (2014).

@pacalis said in Player Speed is insane compared to original:

Sandstorm is slower paced than its predecessor, if it seems faster its due to lag/ping etch. Experiencing teleporting is a sign of just that. Personally I wish the game was as fast as the 1st one as I love the "arcadey" pacing^^

you smoking crack?

sandstorm has faster movement speed you absolute donut.


Maybe you should ask me where I got my information from instead of being rude, the toxicity you have towards people you don't know is insane.

Source regarding player movement speed is from Insurgency Sandstorm's Lead Game Designer, Michael Tsarouhas, from the "Insurgency: Sandstorm Developer Q&A!" posted on youtube on september 24.

If you watch the video from 21:00 minutes you can hear it yourself. Quote from the lead developer: "Light movement in Insurgency is noticeably faster" and "insurgency was a fast game".

He also mentions that they constantly tweak the movement speed and other stuff, trying to find the sweet spot, so maybe the player speed was faster in an earlier release, and that the post I replied to was referring to that release? I don't know, I bought the game after the last update and referred to current movement speed.

What @Pacalis said is 100% correct. I actually then went off to test this for myself as he says in the video to do if you want to see the difference. The movement speed in Insurgency Source is definitely quicker than Sandstorm, however they are pretty close. What has been said previously is also correct, the direction change in Sandstorm is substantially quicker than it was in Source, this is will probably be tweaked later on down the track as we edge closer to the full release date.

I think the lack of consequence for a 100meter sprint is less prevalent in sandstorm... if I just sprinted 100 meters and tried to aim at an enemy I wouldn't fair as well as the assailant (being stationary) in being able to hit my opponent. there should be some sort of accuracy loss/ penalty for running/sprinting long distances. and as a reoccurring issue the full auto accuracy/recoil penalty should favor semi-auto fire aimed fire instead of spray and pray.