Petition: We need different keybindings for Flashbangs, Grenades, Incendiary Grenades, RPG and C4

My character carries a flashbang , an Incendiary grenade and an anti-tank weapon in the loadout.
When it depends on splitseconds to use a specific grenade-type, i always lose important time selecting the right one.

Am i the only one who misses direct keybindings for specific grenade types ?

I find it very frustrating to have to press several times the same single key to finally grab the anti-tank weapon ( RPG ) from my loadout.
Each keypress takes time, plus the animation time to pull out the wrong grenade ( which i don´t want to use )
For the easy and fast choise it would be great to have different keys for the items ( it is standard in any other FPS game ... why not in Sandstorm ? )

For example Keyboard Buttons:

  • 1 - Primary weapon
  • 2 - Secondary weapon
  • 3 - Frag grenade
  • 4 - Flashbang
  • 5 - Smoke gredane
  • 6 - Incendiary grenade // Molotov
  • 7 - C4 // IED
  • 8 - RPG // Panzerfaust // AT-4
  • 9 - Knife ( Button number 9 because the knife is the least used item 🤣 ! )

Does anyone else support my request ?

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@gsg_9_lightning I’m fine with that so long as they do not implement a quick throw button like some people are asking for. But having a specific button to pull out a specific piece of equipment is a reasonable request once again so long as it is not instantaneous and it takes the appropriate and required time to pull that piece of equipment out. I would just hate to see them put in the ability to simply press a button and your soldier instantly tosses a live grenade, flashbang, etc...

No, i hate that quick throw button too.
It takes time to pull the pin and throw and in reality you cannot do it with one hand.
So yes i am asking for direct keys for choosing the right grenade type and then press mouse button to pull the pin and throw.
And if i need an Anti Tank weapon right now ( because there is suddenly the right moment where i need it ), i don´t want to press several times the same button to toggle between different types of equipment and lose time.
In almost any FPS game there are direct buttons for each type of equipment.
Why not in Sandstorm ?? This is a backstep in FPS gaming.
Need some people who support my idea to make the devs clear that this is really important !
Please help guys !

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Yeah, it would certainly be nice, especially when you have to cycle through two of the same grenades you have to use the RPG you picked up. Rather annoying.
For that reason I generally toss out my grenades when I pick up an RPG or some other launcher (in co-op).

definitely would want separate key-binds for selecting grenade types. quick-toss is not the mechanic in question.

Bumping this one up , because it´s important ( not only for me ) 😉

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Yup, this badly needs to happen.

bumping, because I completely agree

@GSG_9_LIGHTNING I agree with your suggestion as I experience the same thing and it is very frustrating. I've had too many deaths from it already.

Bump, 'cos we definitely need this!

Can we get a confirmation of a community manager that this request has been sent to NWI developers please ! ?
We really need this !

Havent heard anything about this topic for long time and new keybinds have not been added to "Community Test Environment" right ?
So i am bumping this one up !
We really need this !

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This has been passed on to the team a while ago, but I'll forward it again!

Thanks mate, i really appreciate your feedback and efforts !
Let´s just hope that the devs change their opinion about all the little things and change them to make the game better.
They should take constructive criticsm serious as we all try to bring this game to a higher level.

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Reposting from a different thread:
When using multiple explosives switching between each individual grenade can be quite annoying.
For example, if I equip 2 smokes and 1 frag I'll have to cycle through 2 smokes before I can throw the frag. This can be very time consuming and doesn't add anything in terms of functionality. What I would like to see is that multiple grenades of the same type stack so you don't have to cycle through each individual grenade.
Also, I've noticed that explosives placed in your last slot will be the first one you draw, this seems counterintuitive. It would make more sense that the explosive placed in the first slot is the first one you draw.