@spun thanks and all good my man. i picked up the "new" honcho for a winter project and was curious.

@stazco look into Redcat racing. They have a lot of models that may interest you at a lower price than axial.

@spun @8up-local Wow. we all have gotten into RC here and there huh. I got into because of this game, and I bought a Team losi Baja Rey a while back.. I love the look of it.

@brazz989 sent him the message about redcat yesterday 😉

just trying not to clutter up Spuns thread with rc talk, so back on topics fellas. 😘

Spun K10 Prerunner
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@Spun hell yes man , looks sweet!

@spun said in Spun:


I like the looks of that one a lot more without the graphics, very nice man.

@spun @smaronenine Not sure about the blue beadlocks either. Orange or red would be my taste.

@roughrider i like the darker color, plays well with the blacked out scheme.

Had to completely re-flair the body and bed. Working on a two tone comp skin now. Not finished yet but here is an update.


Still working on this paint. Getting closer.


That thing looks badass, nice work.

@spun the orange is top notch!! the road bed (dirt) is a great tex as well..