Almost looks like an Ultra4 rig, a la King of the Hammers...

@mexican_420 Yeah pretty much the same thing

@spun regardless man it looks sweet, as good as your current mods are I just wanted to see you try new rides.

Update on the buggy.

Done modeling. Now comes all the shit I hate!!!

@spun Nice to hear that I'm not the only one who hates uv mapping and texturing :p. Looks killer man!

@wrangmog i'm pretty sure literally everyone hates that the most...
that and figuring out why spintires/mudrunner don't like what you put into them 😁

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

That buggy is flippin cool!!!!

Textures are done.

0_1548524902827_ULTA 4.png

Pfffft, did you throw that heap together overnight dude?
Totally joking, bro. Excellent job! 👍
Is that a Corvette LS I see peeking out under there?

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@mexican_420 Actually today is one week since I started this build. It's easy when you have parts donated or just laying around. Probably have 40-50 hrs in this right now. Thanks man.

Looks Awesome @Spun Nice Work Man.