Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul

@joridiculous ur response shows you have no respect for people...thanx for showing that to everyone else on here so take ur own words to heart and do same...go find another thread to disrespect people on ...i get tired of utter disrespect from people on this stuff when i simply post stuff to try helping others..

Have a good day guys im done with this forum.this thread i started to show mods and stuff,help people with modding question or editor stuff...

If i look through each page since the day i started this thread im damn sickened by the amount of bs and garbage ive had to deal with on here....if you come to my dev page and decide to pull above nonsense to anyone best part its my page so youl simply be banned. i dont put up with bs from anyone..i stay civilized and respectful to anyone who crosses my path...like to have same in return and since this forum is a joke period and the amount of disrespectful people on here who troll through all the threads, im better than this crap, 41 years old with over 20+ years of game stuff under my belt and not wasting my time on this forum nor the disrespectful people that go with it anymore... ...anyone else who is respectful and would like help or chat on mudrunner stuff...hit me on my dev page as ill never be back to this mess of a forum...take it easy everyone

@draconus Sorry man, but putting something like "I've done THAT so it CAN'T be used now" in the internet and be surprised that somebody took it as challenge is...immature... or something.

@Sodoma Why don't you Moderators ever say something nice? Always got to call people names, like "inmature" and stuff. We need the old moderators (from oovee.co.uk/forums) to be on the focus forums.

Hey everyone.... bad to see that this topic is just dead... no one ask about draconus... no one ask how he feels... no interesting about he's works and ideas.... so many people complain about weather in game... It's there... becouse he did it... realtime tracks... I have test it... It's amazing.... He did an total overhaul for sp which is just awesome.... He make it snow in sp... and just on the way to bring snow to mr and uhd mod.... He did the matv for sp... He knows everything about mr and st... becouse he was the guy who should paid for all the things.. which was never happen... very sad about it how he was treat in this forum and that nobody ask about him... He could make the game perfect.... that is an fact... but the devs don't let him... and they know that....

Sorry for my English... greetings from Germany

And yes... I donate him... becouse I love his works and the both games... just give him the money... not the devs... they don't deserve it

@ewgenij84 Is that you draconus? It seems that in fact everyone has forgotten about you. Have you ever contacted @Pavel ?
I can not believe your revolutionary mods do not interest him..

No way... he would never cime back here... after rhat what is happen to him here... can no understand this disrespect.... iam just love the games and some months ago i was reading this here... found him on steam... iam proud to know hin and donate him....

is that why.... you type.... exactly.... like draconus in his previous posts...

the "...." really gives it away

Iam not speeking for him... he dont know that iam writing here... doesnt matter... iam writing for me... its my opinion... i want to ask why everybody forget him? Check out his facebook page.. what hus plans are.... or steam page... so u will see my name there to on his friends list... hes from ny and i live in germay....

He is old enough to write with his own name

U deserved the Oscar far that one..... or some talk about something like that?

Wtf.... the mr world is already dead... check the forum.... That was the reason for my post... couse he was the only one who had some ideas....

i don´t know who you are but you can´t speak neither german or english.
So i guess you are not german as you mentioned in a previews post.
Here is the proof

So i assume that 90% is lied in your posts.

Dracounus left and please so do you. Should be no problem for you because you think MR is dead so there is no need for you to stay on this form. Also no other modder has ideas in your opinion.
Follow him on his FB page and be his fanboy.
But don´t tease us with 457 threads of how great Dracounis is.

Dankeschön (falls du das verstehst)

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Wow... this crossout post was an google translate problem... but u did u homework really well...and thx... i leave the forum if i want to... i am to old to be an fanboy... but was funny to hear that u must be very angry about my post... just facts...

But tell me more about the 90% lies... very interesting...

@ewgenij84 said in Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul:

Wow... this crossout post was an google translate problem...

you really translate your mother language with google translator - speachless

i leave the forum if i want to

i said please, that was no order

i am to old to be an fanboy...

really? such speach came just from a fanboy
no matter how old someone is

but was funny to hear that u must be very angry about my post.

oh no that makes me not angry in any way - haha
i just can laugh about that and this statement makes me even more laughing
I have a live beside MR

just facts...

look at the Upvotes of your and my posts, just facts 😉

BTW: please let your Keyboard check by your local IT-Service, i think there might be a problem with your
punctuation mark

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I not here to show how good i can speak or write... fanboy....hmmm... because i like someone's work? And asking why nobody talk about him anymore? Please... I am father of 3 kids and my hours on mr are 55.... i not have the time to play... so wtf are guys talking about... just enjoy the game and his mods... so u guys have to much time to talk shit or are just envious... it's my good right to stay to my opinion... he is a great modder... game dying like st... usa dlc will not help... sorry.. but this are the facts

Doesn't matter where I came from and how I write or speak... ist a game forum... seems that everyone has exactly understand what i talking about... so whats the matter... no better ideas?
So make new post... and show how good u English are... I done some... couse i want to show some nice screens of mr and st with using freestyle... done one reply in off-topic about some model and rc stuff... I am not here to speak for him... just for myself... ignore it or spent u time somewhere else

I don't want to take a side in here, so I will just ask you to stay respectful to each other, OK? 🙂