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@Tattoo unless i missed something Local Host has told me himself he is not doing anything more with st or mudrunner due to pretty much hes being dev and whos getting paid for it...

I can surely understand that. Thanks, I didn't think about that.

The tanks are somewhat interesting, but we have a War Thunder for it. And the snow, it is just mud painted white? Because true snow is very different from mud.

@knight25 the snow isn't just a simple retexture, he reworked the mud to act more like snow, so you will slide more and maps are not just textures as well, he did some tweaking to make even the snow textures on the ground act like a slick surface, same for rocks and other things, they're overhauls not just a texture pack.

@Draconus I can't wait to see further progress man, everything sounds so dope!

@knight25 like what Skull said above since hes played the st version of winter edition a bit...its real snow physics not mud anymore i changed that into deep snow...bridges and roads also get affected by the new weather for it so when the snow gets heavy falling itl affect the friction on certain things

Like with the rain dynamic build ground would get wet,mud would get sloppier, know after it stopped little time passes and it drys out again...mud gos back to wya it was before the heavy storm that kind of thing is with the weather stuff

As some moron on here decided to flap his lips about how i went through pavel,oovee know focus i have to seriously laugh at that...so i guess he is physic know too and knows everything else i do...Stellyan ur acting like a stalker mate seriously

Grandy who is close friend has been for long time will be doing viudeos on all of this for those who dont believe or whatever ...its impressive stuff and why Pavel always seems to want to keep me in the dark

i blew it out out into the open about the lack of dx11 64 bit support on mudrunner also exe is only 2 gig limit
Pavel is also very very jelous of my weather stuff...gave up on that non sense why well if i can do all of this stuff and he cant including weather then theres the problem...guy has ego issue i guess..if some does something better than him its jelousy period...

look at this game...you guys wonder why i get ignored by pavel and he doesnt ignore me i do have him on skype ...just he always makes promises to people like with spibtires and know mudrunner...like the dx11 64 bit support and promoted the game as such but guess what when it shipped....32 bit dx9 2 gig limit

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im unloading all of this stuff so to speak for mudrunner due to something awesome falling in my lap chance to build a real game with a real paying job in unreal 4... so eventually guys i wont be doing this anymore as all my time will be into that

@SKULL0FD3ATH knows the story with oovee...they pretty much used me build an overhaul for st called UHD tons of new stuff everything over a 20k deal so i can have something for my little girl who is my life...why i do this every day and donations benefit her...just in end to sit on it why becasue nothing they promise they come threw with...

So the mudrunner overhaul has alot of the UHD project incorperated into it

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@Mr-KKOT thank you for the kind comment above much appreciated 😉


I really enjoy reading all of this and seeing what you are working on, it looks very nice 🙂

Off-subject and just trying to be helpful: 'Know' and 'now' are two completely different words. 'Know' (pronounced same as no) as in knowledge, meaning I understand or have the knowledge/information; and 'now' (pronounced like cow) referring to a moment in time 'now and then'.

Again just trying to be helpful, so it's easier to read/understand your writing 🙂

Why are you starting crap in his thread? I understand he replied, but you could also have not replied, or not posted snark comments to begin with.
Just ignore him, it will just keep escalating until the thread gets closed more than likely.

Please stop the bickering. I have no idea what you guys went through before this, but it just looks childish and unprofessional.

@Justcallmeow thank you i appreciate it dont mind the person above they have nothing better to do than start crap on here and im sick of dealing with them...sorry guys Stellyan ruined this post a bit talking about game stuff and hes on here posting all this garbage period and negative stuff and guy is mental case period...

going to be reporting al of this so ill be back on here in couple of days after i talk to the moderators about Stellyan and the harrasment on here and how he did same on my own dev page

This is how mature people act..lol so i told him exactly what i think about it all which he had to repost above like im some kind of bad person which im hardly not very easy going becasue im sickof some one who cares nothign about acting like a child,being utterly direspectful on a thread that isnt even his same as what he did to my dev page harases people becasue you upset him and same person doesnt appreciate any of the st.mudrunner stuff ive done above and all his comments show this over a convo we had ...unbelievable period..

so taking a break while i deal with focus on the harassing from stellyan ,this stuff isnt good for my health period...so enjoy the above pics i posted on winter,weather, tanks and other stuff everyone and thank you to those with positive comments much appreciated guys 😉

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To the moderators who will see the above please will some one do some thing about Stellyan and the constant harassing on here ...hes done same to my dev page used a fake profile named Romona Dinu to attack and harass me on my own dev page constantly just like hes doing on here ...im sorry i said stuff like pathetic and crap and such but this is getting hard to deal with and im sick of dealing with it...im going to contact one of moderators myself

A trouble maker period and wanted to leave this incase a moderator sees the stuff before i can get in touch with some one directly...people should be able to have threads on here and have fun talking about game stuff not this garbage constatly...Thank you Focus and the moderators who are watching this 😉