@digital-x well up until you showed me how to get these height maps I always did my own geometry like we all probably did but I see the good and bad of using and not using height maps already, Using them of course saves you time building the geometry but I'm already struggling with where to lay trails and not really having a vision yet of what I wanna do whereas doing my own geometry gives me a better idea of what exactly I'm trying to do but takes longer getting the damn ground to cooperate lol...But in the end, I think I'm gonna prefer to use heightmaps myself.

Yeah I used to lay trails, then geometry, but once I used the heightmap I was stuck where to put them.

I think that it would be nice to see a map with no trails, just forest and some water and mud and rocks, just find your way through the hardcore offroad forest if you know what I try to say.
Something like this:, when this trophy started there was a kind of no trail/road, they got a roadbook and stuff and just go with your tripmaster.

@mexican_420 something like that yeah, but a little more extreme : )

@mexican_420 No need to apologize man if I would have seen his post first I would have plugged your map link in our thread as well. ✌

@mexican_420 dont worry, just don't get used to hahahah checks link hey is a map I liked allot lol

Since the axle,Hubs,suspension department has being updated i guess is time for the rim department to update their markeplace

meet the Classic C/K 1972 to 1989 rims

alt text

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@forces said in Force19Mods:

meet the Classic C/K 72" to 89" rims

Seventy Two Inch ?!?! Damn brah, them some big arse rims!!
72" is 6 foot.

They look good tho.

@forces I like the looks of them, well done!

Oh, DUH!! lol. I didn't think about that. lol. Braindead today.

im in kinda a hard situation here
see i cant decide for wich tire to model and add to those nice looking rims
option 1
alt text
Option 2
alt text
Option 3
alt text
option 4
Mighty Micheling XZL (i had them on my cucv but i can re work them)
alt text

@forces I would say, go for xml instead of xzl, they look way cooler and have more traction in real life (we run them on our jeep), but if I have to choose one of these, I will go for option 1

1_1527497379588_D27EAF85-ABEA-46BA-8BC8-4DEE1333665B.jpeg 0_1527497379551_3F789A2B-B7FC-4E52-A4BD-D3F431F31E19.jpeg

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I guess this guy has nothing else to do but to break the game, First the Fan animation, now that is back he breaks the way trucks reset (it affects all of my colision axle mods)

alt text

@forces, What happened Forces? Why do you have a 'Reset' on a vehicle?

rescue, my phone auto correct killed it lol
when i rescued to the garage that happened, and it never did before the update, im testing wrangmog new truck too and he has the same issue too

@forces, hmm. I kinda thought you may have meant that but wasn't sure. I rescued to the garage with my tut mod and it worked fine. I'll try with your TJ.

Any certain map?

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