New Beta Update - November 8th

Very excited about tomorrow's update. Great job so far--this is a fantastic game.

Is the removed map oil factory comming back tomorrow as well?

I am soo excited, release the patch !! Please !!!!
COMON !!!!!

Bring it on guys! I'm ready! My computer is ready! My family knows I'm dead for a day! Upload it! ;p

I hate how at the moment you have people speed running the maps rushing objectives, so those engaged in combat are stuck at alpha making their way towards what was bravo meanwhile bravo just got destroyed, charlie is being capped, and most likely someone is ready to head to delta with a rpg to nuke it from range.

I wish there was a much higher bot count per player and randomised objectives so you could go from one end of the map to the other, as it is currently people just learn the "Optimised route" and that becomes the meta.

I really like your idea of penalising players who cap without neutralising existing targets, I wish hunt was kind of interlaced with checkpoint and people had to find and kill the targets because as is you can just rush and not have to deal with many ai and it makes it a pain in the ass for the rest of the players who are immersed and having fun as how can rushing the map be fun? If you wanna rush checkpoint go play with bots on your own.

Even still if you have multiple people on the team and alive I wish they'd change checkpoint so you can't even begin to capture on your own and you need a minimum of say 1/3, 3/5 and 5/8 people to begin the capture.

I dislike 2x's and every other magnified optic because of the "lag/delay" and the black screen you get on the lens when you scope in, and also because no maps feel optimised for long range, they all feel extremely close quarters and for me the OKP and Kobra are superior quick options, I use a 4x on the map with the bridge over the rocky ravine that is infront of Alpha for Security and is Foxtrot for Insurgents.

It's the only map I will pick my favourite class and weapon on and that's marksman with the SVD and the 4x PSO-1 scope, but even then I'll play the majority of the map with the browning hp and extended mag/quick holster and I reserve the svd for when i can get long engagements like both big and small bridge objectives, usually i play with a g3/akm/uzi/mp7/mk18 and the okp or kobra because the red dots reticle is too big and the eotech reticle was poorly made (fixing the optic reticles is the first thing I will do when the sdk comes out as I love the eotech irl and in games.)

I'm rather excited to see what the big patch brings today, I hope it goes live sooner rather than later!

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@silo23 just killing time waiting for the update, our 8th is ending here, but they didnt say which month hahah

the other thing I suspect is all bots are killed off when you cap the point, a bit like daiymos mod, so this encourages people to run to the next point,

lets hope the devs have listened about gameplay improvements from the community

Waited on 4 pm, 5pm and 6pm now (CET) and still nothing. Give us a heads up for christ's sake.

Thanks mate! Didn't think about Twitter.

So basically it comes out tomorrow for everyone except the americans, might as well get on fo76 tonight then.

What time does this drop? im in the u.k and been waiting all day ๐Ÿ˜ž

I was looking forward to playing the latest Beta update. How disappointed I am now that I've played it. Options were removed from weapons, and the acquisition speed of the AI is entirely too fast. I have never been one shot so many times in any game I've ever played. The Beta has gone from poor to absolutely horrible. It is no fun to be killed so quickly and have to wait minutes at a time for others to almost complete an objective. Once they fail you begin all over again. The level of frustration has risen through the ceiling for me.

new map is supposed to be precnct per release info, i think they mistakenly put out refinery


I totally DISAGREE !

  • Weapons never felt so realistic as they are right now ( excellent recoil ).
  • The Bots now react and shoot as wished from many players within the right timewindow ( not too fast and not too slow )
  • The Bots make efficient use of grenades and flashbangs when assaulting buildings
  • The amount of Bots has been raised so that there is a big threat for everyone in the squad
  • Running speeds have been adjusted to weight of the loadout so run and gun will be minimized
  • overall performance has been raised so that the game is very fluid and stutter free.

The game is getting better and better since alpha and i am very sure that even in the next little updates many more bugs will be fixed.
Without exaggeration i can say that this is the best FPS game i played so far.
I really enjoy every single match.

If you are getting shot so quickly you might have to work on your aiming skills and movement tactics.
You still have the choise to work on your skills or to apply for refund.

Thank you NWI for your tirelessly work !

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@swcarroll What weapon are you being one shot from? Just curious as I am still running into bullet sponges quite often. Now this may be hit reg sometimes as there are still obviously issues in that regard but I have still put two full three round bursts into an enemy and they survived. So all Iโ€™m saying is I donโ€™t see how you could be getting one shot so often unless itโ€™s from weapons that should as in bolt action, shotguns, etc... I will add everything I have mentioned is all PvP as this is all I play!

Gotta say, patch has made the game more enjoyable.
System struggled alittle at medium settings. Now on Very High settings and getting constant 70fps.

Great work dev team. Keep it up!!


Game works much better with my potatoe cpu now! ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all, fantastic update. So many improvements!--performance, graphics, gameplay. Thank you!
However, "Insufficient Balance" has been plaguing me for the last few months ๐Ÿ˜ž I have more than enough funds to purchase items (re: high cut headset, etc) and simply can't.