SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

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Thank you !!!

I just installed and tested the latest version of Mud + (1.9.1 beta 3). The only problem I had, in multi player, you must select your mod before starting a game to have the addons. Sorry for my English !!

I have v1.9.1beta218519 and it works just fine

hi all, I myself keep checking the site where the STMod gets posted, and if no one objects this is the page info,
There are some really decent mods there, that do not ever make it to the workshop. (it is totally up to you to use this site, i'm not here to promote it, just to pass on that I've been using it all along, and have never had one problem). Hope this helps for any future update issues. _Rufus

latest mudrunner and spintires mod tools installed for dev tools!but its give me error.

mudrunner not started.any idea for this?reinstall game/tools not working


latest mudrunner and spintires mod tools installed for dev tools!but its give me error.

mudrunner not started.any idea for this?reinstall game/tools not working


@lylz Your photo isn't working so I'm not sure what you're trying to show.

Open the app, click Mod settings, uninstall and then reinstall. Working now?

Hello all.

It seems that this discussion has been getting a little violent and threatening towards each other. Let's please keep it peaceful in here, and if you need help please ask it in a nice, calm way instead of bashing at everyone. In addition, spamming is not allowed at all here on the focus forums, as stated here. Anybody else who shares a download link to this mod on this thread other than @invalidredneck will have administrative actions taken on there account due to the suspicion of the original download link. We do not want anybody downloading any viruses or Trojans, so leave it to @invalidredneck to handle the file uploading.

Before you go bashing at me for being an abusive moderator, just remember that any threads complaining publicly about moderators will be locked and deleted and the individual posting them will be dealt with accordingly.

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to add to the previous post by @RiskyWisky

1 - this Topic is on really thin ice since the SpinMod can be Cosidered as a hack to the game and that a breach of the forum rules MudRunner Forum Rules

2 - If for any reason @invalidredneck leaves the forum by x,y,z reasons the adition of any links for the mod will be deleted or hidden until tested by any moderator to avoid issues with virus attacks (optional by the Moderator, I will check for any virus to keep the forum safe)

3 - The opinion of every user must be respected by everyone, regardless of how much it differs from your own, and is not a reason for insult

@RiskyWisky just checked in been a few days.. REALLY sorry if the Link is a no-no! . it was just something that has worked for me, I can see how if something happened to someone taking my advice, And from another person's thread. Big No-No. my apologies @invalidredneck. it seems by Risky's post that something is a miss . "violent and threatening" was used.. i didn't see any of that upon review. did i miss something? other than my link to the mod?? (have some posts been deleted? that might shed some light on the mean behaviour?)

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@rufus dont worry, if a in case of, action he has taken, this topic is now a very hot topic, judging by the views it gets on a daily basis


No posts have been deleted. We are just making sure everyone is safe and to clean up this topic a little.