the Badlands Alpha - Ready for testing: Custom Rocks, Rock Crawling, 4x4 Trails and Bonus Rally Track

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Map Name: The Badlands Alpha
Size: 64x64
Type: Primary Focus - 4x4 Adventure with challenging logging unlocks for those brave enough to take them on.

Features: Custom Rocks, Tight cutbacks, Varied Terrain, Steep Elevation Changes, Rally Track, Rock Climbing, Logging

Link: The Badlands Alpha -

Happy Easter everyone. I've been working on this for over 2 months and I think its finally ready for some testing. This map has a little bit of everything including my own custom rocks that I modeled and textured from photos of a real rock i picked up in the Pacific NW Mountains. I am giving it away to this community as an appreciation for all the hard work the modding community puts into this game. Its my way to give a little back to all of you crazy Mudrunners!

This map also includes a rally track which is wide track with jumps and turns. You'll probably want to pick up my "altered" Mixer Modded Truck pack to fully enjoy the track experience. NOTE: I did not make the original trucks. I've only reskinned them and tuned them to suit my own personal needs. Much respect to SPUN and AgaYuditra for the amazing work they put into the original mods.

Custom Truck Link: (Updated 3/22) - NOW WITH RALLY CAR AND MONSTER TRUCKS!

As always, feedback is encouraged. I want to get a good round of feedback from you all so I can put a final round of polish on it before I call it done. Thanks and have fun on the map!

Live Streaming Monday through Friday -

Looks really good man those rocks look legit!

Thanks. Feel free to grab the mesh, texture, and class files out of the zip file and use in your own maps. Enjoy!

Also, someone was concerned about datafilehost as a mod server (even tho i've never had any issues with that as a file host), so I went ahead and hosted the file up on ShareMods as well. This smaller zip does not include any of my other maps. its JUST the badlands and the object required for that map. So if you are looking for an alternate host, you can grab it here.

@gumbootgambler said in the Badlands Alpha - Ready for testing: Custom Rocks, Rock Crawling, 4x4 Trails and Bonus Rally Track:

those rocks look great!

Agreed, but please tell me they're relatively lo-poly with a wicked normal map...?

<cringes> "Relatively low poly" 🙂 - They are 8k poly with a 4k texture map. I've built another version of it at 2k poly but the texturing started to stretch and tear across the faces. Just out of curiosity, what do you guys consider the maximum threshold for this game. I've got about 75 -100 instances of this in my map and it plays fine for me.

Personally I'm lucky if I get a consistent framerate above 20 while running @DrGoNzO1489 's Rox Valley map...

So i changed my map deployment to be more like "the valley dlc" once they did that pack when the modloader was not working properly. I found it was easier to manage getting my maps to my friends that way. all of those maps are ones I created. The gauntlet was my first, then I did the summer edition. I followed that up with the gauntlet part 2 (which in hindsight I feel I rushed a bit). The badlands is my third official map. The others are just test maps. Think of them as bonus material.

I would highly recommend you download the mixer trucks, they are OP as crap but made for the track section. Get used to them in the normal gears, then once you get used to them, put them in +1 and hold on to your pants. Totally unrealistic, but totally fun as well. 🙂

I also re-downloaded the zip and it worked great for me so if people are having issues, its on their end.

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@joridiculous said ]:

@tattoo Obviously on your end.

Ok, same thing using Chrome 4 times. Tried Comodo Dragon and worked fine. Thanks.

I find 8k rocks with 4k textures be something unecesary because the game will turn the 4k pics into a 1k texture and also any extra detail that you add to the rocks wont be noticed unless you add a normal map to them

2k rocks are okay but still can be inproved, why is this?,a High poly cdt (+1k cdts) can bog down your game pretty fast if you join to that to a high poly mod (most users dont even optimize the models of their trucks thinking the more polygons the better wich isnt true)

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Dude! It's awesome! The mud! The rocks! The extreme terrain! All of it! MudHappy Seal Of Approval!

I'm not sure what you could have done "wrong" with those rocks. They look amazing. And they work even better. 100% fail-safe, 0% chance of them eating a wheel. The friction feels perfect too. They're as good as any rocks in the game so far. And, BY FAR, BETTER than a lot of them.

There are a bunch of weird tears on some of the steeper hillsides. But they seal themselves up as you get closer to them. I've never seen anything like them before. Not sure what to think about them.

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thanks @MudHappy. Can you send screenshots of the terrain tears? I haven't seen any of them in my version of the game. I'd be interested to see where they are showing up for you.

@pix3lmonkey I would. But we just got screwed. They forced the update to game version 18/03/06. So manually installed maps will not load anymore. And they even fucked it up worse than the beta. So I can't even play your map from my save point now. I told them about the issue, and they completely ignored me. Why are these people such GIGANTIC asshole retards? They MUST break the game with EVERY update. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?!

EDIT: Never mind. They gave us the option to opt out of it for now by falling back to v. 29/01/18 as a beta. So as soon as that finishes installing I'll get those screenies for ya.

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I cant even load my map, been at it since december!! Seems like a huge blow to map makers. Why were the level files changed, and how so?

@digital-x I'm not sure if it will help you any. But see the edit to my post above.

Tried that thanks, cant even right click "prebuild" to make new terrain.