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Hi I was just wondering why getting mods on the Xbox one/PS4 is so hard or maybe when there would be a estimated date for a mods will be released in the future it's just not the same game and I know dlc is focused on makeing things new but I think I speak for the console community when I say mods make this game what it is and are why the game was so successful on PC if u could get back asap thanks

Because...obvious reasons. Namely...Xbox One/PS4 is not a PC. /thread

The devs don't care about your mods stop asking it's pointless. Go spend all your money on a pc and buy the game again.
We got tricked into this but it's are fault for thinking we would get the same content as pc. So I guess go pick up some more logs..

It's not just the Dev's, It's a matter of going through Sony and Microsoft with all the Copyright issue's which clearly they are more strict with.

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The devs don't care about your mods stop asking it's pointless. Go spend all your money on a pc and buy the game again.
We got tricked into this but it's are fault for thinking we would get the same content as pc. So I guess go pick up some more logs..

I'm confused by your statement " we were tricked" I'm fairly certain the developer said from the beginning there wouldn't be additional content for console.

@redwoodsmith said in Mods for xbox:

We got tricked into this but it's are fault for thinking we would get the same content as pc.

HAHAHAHA, now that is some funny stuff right there. LMFAO!! Please tell us more about how ya'll got tricked. I can't wait to read about this.

@Tattoo i dont think he means tricked ....its called broken promises and same damn thing we had on st...ill make a example below

Pc players were promised dx11 64 bit support pavel was also spouting this right up to launch day that pc version did both well guess what it was a lie like all the broken promises we dealt with on is exactly like st same exe to be precise with mudrunner console assets added and its only dx9 32 bit with a lousy 2 gig mem limit on exe which is utterly sad

Know the console players have the cream of the crop
Console versions are dx 11 64 bit only and this was due to consoles not supporting dx9 nor 32 bit ....
Reason why so much time was done to do the console version for simple fact..Pavel has burned it with nearly every pc player thats been into this as long as i have some longer and trust nope cant trust a liar who makes up promises to simply drive sales and that is exactly what is happening with mudrunner

I myself feel like all pc players got burned not only did we have to pay for a new game that is basicaly same damn thing and the content in mudrunner were all promised to st players long time ago and did they ever see that update that we all waited an eternity for ...NOPE.... you guys are crying about mods,at least the version of the game you all have is a ton better under the hood compared to pc version so be patient there coming the console versions are new territory for pavel to milk so eventaully console versions will dive in to the ground if mod support isnt done

Licensing i dont see an issue with as the mods wont be sold but free distribution...i can imagine the stuff players have uploaded for skyrim and fallout and here is the really sad part

The console versions are dx 11 64 bit the file structure would be pretty much same for xml stuff, just improved engine with saber tech and dx11 shaders and mods on console wouldnt be that hard as the xml coding would be similar to pc version
But mods on console wont happen and one perticular to milk from console players
So to pretty much say it... mods on console wont happen when you can milk DLC content for price to high heaven...what i got bad feeling on with this new USA extension coming i think its a seprate game with new price on it

Im surprised they havent gone the route of cancer ridden micro transactions ...eventually people will see what im talking about give it time and i sure the hell dont hold my breath

Know if i had access to xbox 1 console or ps4 both can be linked to pc with some hackery which i wouldnt mind doing myself as then mods could be converted and simply posted on external site...console player goes to his or buddys pc download what ever mod to thumb stick and loads it onto xbox console
My idea was a external program that can be loaded onto console for mod loading into game and all that would have to be done is looking at file structure of the actual console version itself then creating a loader program to tie to it witht he mods...consoles youc an install the whole game so it would sit on hdd in colsole and external program on colsole can be used to load the mods in...

This is what i think Saber will eventually do and reason for this...if the mods go directly into game itself without a loader and game files all it takes is one that is bad ie bad coding,messed up meshes ect and whole build is buggered like what pc players deal with bad mods equal messed up game if you hot mod pc version and why i dont...i always use a mod loader JSGME

A mod loader like JSGME would be perfect to prevent this on console...

Saber spent the whole time doing the console versions and actually crapped on us pc players and the above was brought up to focus and simply ignored

We get no more than st build its actually a build of Spintires from sept 2016 that was released on vk for ten dollars after pavel broke away from oovee...this perticular build had the new truck stuff and addons,the check points the new bridge,occulsion improvements to ssao,sharpening post process effect and volumetric fog...litterly everything except the cockpit cam was int hat build

Sad to also say this i dont see the game going any were...beating a dead horse with the same damn stick for past how manny years same crap logging and theres no design direction to this thing either..hes still just randomly slapping stuff in

HEY PAVEL instead of throwing more stupid little things into the game and the new USA branch coming that ur going to burn us all on again how about fix the bugs that have been there for years instead of adding new ones,add some actual NEW GAME PLAY FEATURES if you know what that actually means...sit down and design stuff with actual work involved instead of simple stupid things slapped here and there with no direction and not a stupid check point mechanic that a 5 year old can come up of the worst game mechanics ive seen so far in this thing....have load on it simply prevents you form passing and you have to go long way around...this isnt the 1990s here simple game mechanics were dead long time ago and stop milking this thing...

Game is going to wind up either a buggered mess and unstable which its getting to that point know or itl be the modders again selling the game with new content and game play stuff

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@Tattoo i dont think he means tricked

Even tho I understand what ya mean, I take stuff at face value and he clearly typed, "We got tricked into this". So I don't see how you can say that he didn't mean it. And by reading some of his other posts, he's clearly bashing the game because he didn't get any mods for console. So I'm guessing he didn't read anything before buying the game and just assumed that he was getting mods and now that he isn't, he's bashing the game because of it. lol. So it's everyone else's fault because he doesn't read things for himself. Too funny!! lmfao!!

EDIT: I'd also like to see a link that shows where Pavel said this game would be 64 bit because I've not seen that anywhere.

EDIT2: I will agree with you on one thing. When someone keeps lying to you, they can't be trusted.

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take it with a grain of salt but i think it doesn't get converted so vladimir can play the game on his babushka's ancient win xp laptop in a rural town near nowosibirsk.

i know it's a russian based game made by a russian, and now all these evil capitalist americans and europeans put their evil monster trucks in the beloved mother russia just to drive around? for fun? and they even want to change the wheels of their monster trucks? they need to work harder and transport more wood, that is real fun, helping the motherland, not playing in the mud like child. better remove ability to change wheel, that will show them. stupid monster truck.

but seriously, a big part of the playerbase is russian, and there are a lot of ancient PCs in russia. i feel like there might be an uproar if they find out they can't play the game anymore because the western people with their shiny new PCs demanded it

So...there's already a 64Bit DX11 version of the game. Which somehow only runs on XBox One and PS4. Even though PS4 doesn't have DX11. And, even though it's the same DX11 as on PCs, it can't run on a PC. And it needs to be DX11, because it has to be 64Bit, even though DX11 is backwards compatible with DX9(which is not 64Bit). And the reason there's no 64Bit DX11 version for PC is so Russians can still play the game on Windows XP. Even though there could be both a 32Bit DX9 version and a 64Bit DX11 version. Which there supposedly already is. Sounds like the only thing missing is the explanation of how vastly different the version of DX11 on XB1 is from the version of DX11 on PC. Which is why it's not backwards compatible with earlier DX versions, and why it would be impossible to port DX11 games from XB1 to PC(or vice versa). Makes perfect sense! Looks and smells like a huge pile of bullshit. But don't mind that...

I just use LocalHost's old 32bit to 64bit converter from the old game... works just as fine as it did before

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I just use LocalHost's old 32bit to 64bit converter from the old game... works just as fine as it did before

If you refer to the LAA patch it's nowhere near a converter and it doesn't work that way you can't convert, you have to review your code and correct it,or rewrite from scratch and compile it again.

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Well that was a good read,didn't took interest in a long time on the consol architecture and the way they work,i thought they had some kind of intern emulation going on for some application like spintires or for backward compatibility for old games.
Also i thought the xbox one was really close to pc when it comes to the operating system like using an other version of windows just destined for consol.

@Raphael Nope its an entierly different engine version specific for consoles and dx11 64 bit

Why im so burned about the dx11 64 bit pavel wa spromising right up to launch day on pc...was bs and though i was stupid and didnt know the difference between dx9 and dx11..he actually asked me this took it very offensively i do Pavel ...Do you know the differnce because if you did youd get the pc version up to todays standards and add dx11 64 bit support and take the game engine futher fowrd

He so stuck on dx9 from years ago its not even funny

Imagine Parallax mapping,Bump map support on the terrain this would be killer looking omg it would and big one ive always wnated and engine will do it hes limiting it through the shaders

Real time dynamic shadows for everything even head lights off the trees at night...why we have shadows when you pass a light in game and during daytime yet the env shadows suck this is because there static
Why not add support for real time for those with nicer end systems like myself and manny others out there

Like i kepe saying ..pavel keeps beating a dead horse witht he same damn stick for so manny years why not take the engine further when it can easily handle this stuff

Templar GFX found out mudrunner supports Parallax mapping which is an advanced techniqe for terrain mapping it is there yet Pavel isnt even using it

Bump maps are similar to normal maps but work better for 3d detail on terrain...really make the ground stand out with that one and another dx 11 feature is tessellation

What that does is increase the amount of polys ona giving 3d model...higher it goes more polys to model all done through the card itself internally..AMD has x64 max tessellation which can be forced on any game...Nvdida saddly does not unless game is dx11 and supports it

Look what ive done with my HD overhaul ...with the above game would litterly with that would look like damn movie...Also dx11 supports HBAO+ ambient ocultion which game know uses crap SSAO which i dont care for...

That adds secondary shadowing effect to everything in view

And for antialising we have something much better than fxaa...its called MFAA and also Super Sampling

I force 4x4 supersampling on mudrunner though the vid card driver i use a program called nvidia profiler which allows you to adjust tons of vid card settings..DONT MESS WITH IT IF UR NOT PC SAVY..CAN DAMAGE UR CARD ..this is one of them other is forcing MFAA which is Maxwell Sample Interleaving
I also use better SSAO also forced through vid card
Both of which litterly makes no jaggies what so ever and everything is super detailed and crisp...
FXAA i dont care for due to it downgrading final rendered image and actually takes some of the fidelity away form the graphics when you use it

What MFAA and Super Sampling looks like in game when forced through nvdia driver itself
alt text

And MATV of mine in pic is at 6k for texture sizes..Bet you guys on consoles like to have graphics like this...My HD OverHaul

Personally wish i had a xbox 1 or ps4 id so get into hacking something together for mods on console and you simply get the mod off a site put on thumb stick and download to ur console which will also have mod loader also designed for the console and tied to the game app that simply loads the mod in to the game files on the hdd in console and bingo you got mods on console unofficially

Start mudrunner on console bam ur vehicle is there in truck selection 😉

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