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@wrangmog, Looks good man but now that you showed the edges of the pipes, I see that you have a boat load of polys in them that can be eliminated. Select an Edge, then look at the modify panel and find, Loop and Ring. Select one of them to figure out which works best for your situation, then hold down CTRL and hit Backspace. That will remove the Edge AND the Vertices. Hitting Backspace alone will only remove the Edge but leave the Vertices

Doing that will reduce the poly count considerably.

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@tattoo yes I have, but I’m not done modelling yet. I first gonna finish the model and after that I’m gonna reduce the amount of poly’s etc., they have so much poly’s because I wanted as less as possible seperated tubes, so I had on some tubes 2 or 3 bend modifiers. Also I didnt really know a good way to reduce them, thanks for the tip!

@smaronenine I will, the only problem is that I’m not even close to finishing the model.

Hi guys, I'm facing a problem.
I finished modelling the truck (as far as I know) and started modelling the other addons but I soon realised that I want to keep the spare tire holder on the truck even if the spare tire addon isn't on there it, but I'm not sure if it looks good enough, let me know what you guys think.

Hi guys, today I finished the model and all the addons, here are some pictures:

1_1527455820861_Naamloos7.png 0_1527455820861_Naamloos6.png
4_1527453283330_Naamloos5.png 3_1527453283330_Naamloos4.png 2_1527453283330_Naamloos3.png 1_1527453283330_naamloos2.png 0_1527453283330_naamloos1.png

I didn't expect everything would fit on the back, but it did. So here is the list of addons I created for this truck:
Terratrip 1 (in cab)
Terratrip 2(in cab)
Snatch block (in cab)
Ground anchor 1
Ground anchor 2
Hi-lift jack
Spare tire
Wire windshield (the one on the screenshots)
Normal windshield

If you have some nice colour idea's let me know and I will see if it looks good.

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@forces thanks! Now the most boring part, uv mapping and texturing....

Hi guys, here is a quick preview of the truck with its textures applied, gonna ad more screenshots when I get it in game for the first time. 0_1527643135862_Naamloos.png

Today I officially release my ultra 4 truck (without axle collision). I decided to make 2 versions of it, one with collision axles and one without collision axles because I'm having too much problems with the collision one. I hope I can get the collision one fixed soon as soon as possible.

I hope everyone enjoys it.


Great fun to drive, and climb with!

alt text

It's nippy too, thought I'd make a difficult hill climb (far end in the pic) but this machine chews that up!

Hi everyone, it has been a while since my last mod and I started thinking and thought that I should ask the community what kind of truck they want to see next, so I would love to hear all kind of build ideas and trucks to get some inspiration for when I get all my modding stuff back on my new laptop and can build a new truck.
Have a nice day everyone.

@wrangmog anything that has a bowtie im game.

Hi guys, it has been a while, but I'm back. First of all, I would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and (maybe a little tooo early😋) a muddy new year.
0_1545374937021_JCNRememberRebel16dec2018HeerdePB032terreinnu.jpg 0_1545374967776_IMG_20181214_172646.jpg

Second of all, I'm gonna build a new mod in the next few months. Its gonna be a Willy's Jeepster Commando. Something similar to this one:

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@wrangmog I would love that. Also, it would be cool to see something less aggressive and something more for just trails. I'm so burned out in all these maps where people make overlays and chuck rocks on top of it. Anyway. Looks cool.

@roughrider yeah, its gonna get portals, but I want to keep it as stock as possible with all the other things, so if you look at it you won't notice the axles. The position of the axles will be stock as well, so I don't have to chop everything. You will see;)

@wrangmog Sounds like a sweet trail rig.