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@countonvine Well Said, And Hey My Mods and Maps would be on Console Tomorrow if they would Allow it or Make it happen, Yes I am a PC gamer but I'm also hardcore Xbox One gamer as well, Sometimes I enjoy kicking back in the recliner with the 55-inch tv over sitting at my PC set up.

i mean you could do that with your PC too, i bought a long HDMI cable just for that, when i want to play couch coop with friends or something i just plug it in and to the TV it goes. controllers are wireless anyway regardless where i sit 😁

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i bought a long HDMI cable

That's what I did too., cheapest around.

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@hydrowasul said in Regarding Console Mods:

i bought a long HDMI cable

That's what I did too., cheapest around.

Same here, and my laptop was cheaper than my ps4.....

I use my pc screen as tv too, it has 3 ports (dvi,hdmi,vga) and vga goes to my laptop,dvi to my pc and hdmi to my old sat. tv provider (it looks blurry tho, since it ouly gives 720 to a 1080 screen, and the 1080i option looks the same) im thinking in buying a xbox controller, but they arent cheap at all lol

@hydrowasul i would do that myself but the kids and wife hog the tv most of the time lol

so are these lying ass developers going to give us mods for PS4 or what its been years since this game launched and we were promised mods

tomcat was the only one to say that there were console mods, buddy. but hey, idk if they did announce it

TC9700 is a lying clickbaiting troll. I saw that YT vid of his as well. In a nutshell, folks (as has been mentioned here more times than we collectively have fingers to count) they basically said "console mods MIGHT be a thing in the future, we'll look into it." Apparently console mods are not on their timeline anymore, and if they are no REPUTABLE sources have indicated such, so give it a rest already. If, at some point, console mods DO become a reality then we can all jump for joy, but until then forget it was even mentioned because we're sick of hearing about it. 💱

@iyagovos hey have they said anything about being able to mod in new vehicles, the game is very fun and amazing but I'm tired of driving around in all the Russian wanting to mod in a lifted Cummins or something like that, so could you please get back to me asap about modding in cars thank you.

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