That little Willis is so cool. 😎

@Forces F19 Mods Presents:
-Land Rover Defender D110 SVX Spectre
-Land Rover Defender D110 SVX Spectre Army
-Land Rover Defender D110 Crew Cab

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@RCBuzz One hell of a convoy you got going now mate 🙂

@JustCallMeSurge love it, and btw which map is it??

@wrangmog said in Force19Mods:

@JustCallMeSurge love it, and btw which map is it??

Slipknot Creek 🙂

@Mexican_420 sorry, I was thinking it was about the car🤦🏽♂

No apologies necessary. 🙂
I only knew because I'd seen @JustCallMeSurge mention the map previously. 👍

So whats Up guys, I've been Kinda gone but thanks for keeping it alive!
Stuff Being Built
Imagen1.jpg Imagen2.jpg
Willis Updates New Tires and some smalls re textures
20190713232815_1.jpg 20190713232843_1.jpg

Patrol Ute For @ZIP-TIE Has been Finished

20190717081059_1.jpg 20190717081136_1.jpg 20190717081158_1.jpg20190717081223_1.jpg
And Bens GQ has a new Owner @ZIP-TIE wich is also FInished
20190718055418_1.jpg 20190718055425_1.jpg 20190718055430_1.jpg 20190718055442_1.jpg 20190718055448_1.jpg 20190718055455_1.jpg 20190718182222_1.jpg

Next Builds Surge LC75 Rebuil and LC70 SWB For Liam, More to come

Health Updates
Doing better now thanks for the comments guys

Glad to hear you're feeling better, bud! Latest work looks great, good to see you still pounding out quality mods despite the health issues. Dedication! 🙂

Modeling is a way out for me, and lately i've been reworking stuff from axles to whole vehicles and im getting used to the patrol GQ and the Land Cruiser 70 base model, thats why they've came so fast, also in the works there is a LWB GQ for Jack but thats slower and it will be for mid September, some hidden projects are in the way

@Forces Love the jeep green texture details! Nice interiors also! Keep it up!

first render, mmm looks unreal for some reason and the lighting tool some time to set up

so far im ussing the pricipled shader everywhere and the results are good but could be better

side update, you guys remember that FJ40 Topless and Hard top I modeled, I have some plans for it and is most likely going to be ready after september when i finish some projects I have laying around in my drive

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Crazy looking "reflection" on the inside surface of the side windows...
Can you adjust the source and intensity of the light in the scene? Maybe a couple of light sources with a bit less brightness might change the render results?

yeah, i can adjust those, im getting used to a shaderless glass setup lol, it uses the light bounces (light phats shadow,light,reflection bounce) onto a transparent shader so it pics colors out of nowhere

right now im using a 3 point + roof/ambient light setup, im going to try a 6+1 setup to see what can be achieved, right now im a small trip to get something from a friend, updates soon but its a mistery case with a I7 from a friend who leaves the country

@Forces Wow! Nice to hear you're getting a better PC!

The render looks good to me. although, the paintjob could use a little more glosss.


You truly are a Master Mod Maker. Those look incredible